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Tribal vocal samples can be heard.

Song Connections / Remixes[]

  • A remix of AFRONOVA, named AFRONOVA PRIMEVAL, can be found on DanceManiaX and Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX.
  • A remix of the song, AFRONOVA(B4 ZA BEAT MIX) (although known as AFRONOVA(FROM NONSTOP MEGAMIX) in-game), appears on the DDRMAX2 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK and in the same game as a Challenge Mode-only playable edit of AFRONOVA, as well as a fully-playable song on DDR Extreme.
    • This remix originally came from the 3rd Mix OST Nonstop Megamix, hence the in-game title.
  • An 8-bit remix of this song is present in Dance Dance Revolution GB2.

Official Song Comment[]

"This song was created with Africa as its concept. The sound is created so that if you listen, you can see the eminent image of a vast landscape of the savanna. Consequently, I think this song is filled with originality." -NAOKI MAEDA


  • AFRONOVA has a signature step gimmick known as the Afronova walk, which is an extended crossover wherein the fourth arrow starts another crossover but is still an 8th as opposed to a 4th note. This would later be used in some technical songs, including the Difficult chart of KIMONO♥PRINCESS and the Challenge chart of London EVOLVED ver.A.
    Afronova walk

    Afronova walk.

  • AFRONOVA is one of the many songs whose timing was fixed on DDR X.
  • AFRONOVA's X-Special counterpart appears as the Encore Extra Stage X-Special, accessible by AA'ing PARANOiA Rebirth(X-Special) as an Extra Stage.
  • AFRONOVA's original background had female leopard-skinned natives on DDR 3rdMix. They are actually the modified appearance of Reese Witherspoon's photo. But it was changed in DDR 3rdMix PLUS with more realistic natives.
  • The 8-bit remix of AFRONOVA used in Dance Dance Revolution GB2 runs at a tempo of 203.87 BPM, instead of 200.
  • The charts for AFRONOVA were slightly modified in Dance Dance Revolution GB2, removing the 12ths at the end.

Difficulty & Notecounts[]

Regular Version[]

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts/Freeze Arrows 108/0 214/0 244/0 370/0 - 233/0 245/0 357/0 -
DDR 3rdMIX→DDRMAX2 - ☆5 ☆7 ☆9 - ☆6 ☆7 ☆9 -
DDR EXTREME→DDR SuperNOVA2 ☆2 ☆5 ☆7 ☆9 - ☆6 ☆7 ☆9 -
DDR X→Present 5 7 9 13 - 8 9 13 -

NOTE: AFRONOVA does not appear in DDR 5thMIX or DDRMAX

X-Special Version[]

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts/Freeze Arrows 394/30 402/11
DDR X 14 14
DDR X2→Present ↓13 14