Alice Ip
Alice img1
"It... It was all a dream..."




September 3


17 (DDR SuperNOVA2-DDR X)
18 (DDR X2-present)


5'1" (155cm)


103lbs (47kg)

Blood Type



Hong Kong, China

Favorite Things



Snow (Reminds her she is in a foreign place)


Writing Letters

Alice Ip (亜利寿, A-liss Ip) is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Originally from Hong Kong, Alice is one of the biggest pop stars in Japan, leader of a girl group. She had trouble adjusting to her new life and used to get a little lonely thinking of her hometown, but lately her friends say she’s been smiling a lot more whenever she’s with them.

Games in order of appearance:

Design and ConceptionEdit

Here is what the designers of Alice have to say:

"Alice was a tough one to create, even with the original sketch. She hasn’t really changed in appearance, so only the designers can tell." - DDR X

Character and PersonalityEdit

Alice is described as very kind and sweet, yet also very shy. Debuting in Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX, she was the only character to look away from the screen when selected. This small behavior carried through future games, as seen through her shyness in everyone's stories in SMM and her own. She values her close friends, and keeps in touch with people by writing letters.

In SuperNOVA2 and onwards, Alice is portrayed as not only a good dancer but a talented yet modest pop singer. As well, as seen in Gus's story, Alice reveals that she's usually a tired or worn out person. This is most likely due to her working seven days a week due to her hectic schedule.


Alice reveals that she doesn't get a lot of sleep.


Alice appears to have a back-length long dark blue hair with full trimmed bangs and black eyes.


Street Master ModeEdit

Alice eventually found her way to the party, where she met a robot and a queen that looked strangely familiar… The queen kept staring at her for some reason, but Alice didn’t have a clue why, so she just stared right back.


  • Alice is a talented pop singer.
  • She and the other two dancers in her dance idol group are in a couple of the random background videos before SuperNOVA. Alice also appears in the background still of ever snow.
    • Her most notable song appearance is in , where she appears in the album art, background, and background video.
  • In DDR X SMM, Alice's thermal vest in her character select screen and her dubbing icon is pink instead of red.
  • In DDR Dance Wars, she wears her outfit from DDR X2. However, her feathered crown has been replaced with a ribbon.


  • (To [Alice]) "Wait... you're... me???"
  • (To Zero)" "No matter. This for Dance for becoming""
  • (To Queen-Zukin) "Oh, for crying out loud! What now?"
  • (To Queen-Zukin) "Not like ANYONE has time for chit-chat around here..."
  • (To herself) "It... It was all a dream..."
  • (To Gus) "Lately I haven't gotten enough sleep. Got a good wake-up tune?"
  • (To Rage) "Mmm... reminds of when I lived in Japan. Home is nice, but Japan was so much fun."
  • (To Disco) "Oh right. I forgot it was a contest... but I really enjoyed it. Thank you!"


  • Alice's DDR SuperNOVA2 outfit
  • Alice waking up in Revolution Park after a strange dream in the end of her story.
  • Alice's DDR SuperNOVA2 alternative outfit
  • Alice & Gus in SMM (Street Master Mode)
  • Alice's outfit in X2
  • Alice's outfit in X
  • Alice's thumbnail in DDR X
  • Alice's thumbnail in DDR X2
  • Alice's bunny ears and panda backpack accessories in DDR X
  • Alice's thumbnail in DDR X
  • Alice's thumbnail in DDR X
  • Alice's DDR 5thMIX appearance
  • GusAlice.jpg Alice & Gus & Rinon.
  • GusAlice copy.jpg Alice & Gus
  • Alice in SAKURA's album art.
  • X2 20/50 combo cut-in.
  • X2 100 combo cut-in.
  • X2 50%/90% mark cut-in.
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