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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see B'.

B' has various appearances and outfits throughout the series.

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3[]

In his first outfit in Ultramix 3, B' appears to have blond hair, gray eyes, and wears a white durag. He also wears silver ear cuffs throughout the whole game. B' wears a black tank top, white jogging pants with black stripes on the sides, black arm cuffs, and white shoes with black soles.

His second outfit is a bit similar to his first outfit but with the colors inverted. He has blond hair that is slightly lighter and wears a black durag. He wears a black tank top with zebra accents and with the number "88" written on the front, and also on the back too with four X's on the top, and wears zebra print arm cuffs. He wears dark gray joggers with white stripes and black shoes with white soles.

His third outfit involves having platinum blond to white hair and wears a yellow durag with a paisley design and has a red and dark yellow trim. He is shirtless and has a tattoo on his chest that appears to have a tribal design, and wears black, green, yellow, and red striped arm cuffs. He wears plain white joggers and has black shoes with white stripes on the sides.

His fourth and final outfit has him having no durag, rather showing him having medium length brown hair that has been box braided with colored beads on the ends. He wears a blue tank top with red and white accents and the words "Ride On" written on the front with a flame design underneath it and wears white arm cuffs. He wears blue faded jeans and has white shoes with red accents and black soles.

Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4[]

B' finally gets a different hairstyle, in the form of braids, that similar of Dread Snake's, except B's hair is shorter. He has brown eyes and has a different eyebrow shape compared to the previous game. He also wears goggles on his forehead and wears gold ear cuffs.

In his first outfit, B' wears a rainbow tye-dye tank top, wears two necklaces, one being rainbow and the other being a gold chain necklace with feather charms, a tattoo on his right arm that appears to have a tribal design with some color, and wears a singular multicolored bracelets on his left wrist. He wears blue ripped jeans and has wheat colored shoes. He has black hair.

In his second outfit he wears a slightly desaturated camo tank top, wears two silver chain necklaces with one of them having feather accessories once again, has a tattoo on his arm that has a completely different design from his first outfit, and has brown belt cuffs on his wrist. He wears shorts and leg warmers that matches his top and has brown leather shoes. He has brown hair.

In his third outfit he is shirtless once again, wears the same exact necklace set from his first outfit, has a tattoo that is the same from his first outfit but has no color, and wears ropes has a bracelet. He wears gray pants the belt being a rope, a dragon design on the ends of his pants, and wears black sneakers. He has light brown hair.

In his fourth and final outfit he wears a dark blue and white futuristic long top with blue diamond designs on the arm. He wears pants to match his top with white diamond designs on the sides and has white and blue sneakers. He has blond hair.

Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE[]

B' has changed much significantly from the Ultramix series. He now has blond hair again, and it is cut short.

For his first outfit, B' wears a green sleeveless jacket with a white undershirt, gray gloves with white cuffs, brown jeans, and green and white sneakers.

For his second outfit, he wears sunglasses with blue lenses, a dark teal, white, purple, and sky blue jacket with a white undershirt, gray sweatpants, and white sneakers.

For his third outfit, he now wears a white headwrap on his head, a black leather jacket with a white undershirt, dark blue jeans, and black shoes.

For his fourth outfit, B' wears a black beanie and a silver necklace. He is shirtless and has a smaller tattoo on his upper left shoulder, wears blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE 2[]

B' looks just as the same as in UNIVERSE, except for his hair. His hair is now cut really short and has a design.

For his first outfit, B' wears a maroon suit with a pink undershirt, two silver necklaces, and white dress shoes.

For his second outfit, he wears a light green button-up shirt with green floral designs, a light gold necklace, light red patterned pants, and white shoes.

For his third outfit, he wears a dark gray beanie, an orange tank top with an image of earth and the words "Dance Dance Revolution" written around it, a gold necklace with his name, green camo cargo shorts, and yellow and purple sneakers.

For his fourth outfit, he wears sunglasses with green lenses, a dark maroon t-shirt with a dragon design, bracelets on both wrists, ripped jeans, and white shoes.