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Bag (X2)

Album art in DDR X2.

Song Information[]

Artist: RevenG

BPM: 65 (DDR), 130 (IIDX)

Composition/Arrangement: Naoki Maeda


First Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME

Other Appearances:

  • beatmaniaIIDX 9th style
  • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA2 US CS

Length: 1:34



Remixes/Song Connections[]



  • bag's BPM in DDR is half of its actual BPM (130). As a result, the notes are very cluttered and hard to read (many of them are 24ths).
  • The broken quantization system of DDR games up to SuperNOVA2 was a problem that prevented people from timing the chart properly due to the arcade system of the games being based off of the PlayStation 2. On DDR X and later, which use BEMANI PC Type 4 as the arcade system, the 24ths are fixed. However, on DanceDanceRevolution X2, a new Challenge chart, which is actually the Expert chart but with 64th note timing, was made.
  • As of DanceDanceRevolution 2013, bag now has it's own background video from DanceDanceRevolution EXTREME.
  • The first five notes of bag's melody are B-B-B-A-G.

Song Production Information[]

Following up on comes this new tune from Reven-G. I was taken in by the charm of traditional Japanese music while I stayed in Japan. But as I went on my journey around the world once again, this time I went with the bagpipe for my newest song, which is a traditional musical instrument of Europe. The very low BPM speed complements the traditional type of Reven-G music one often associates it with, with a digital beat intertwining the song. To tell you the truth, while the music is often called traditional folk music, it has become one of the cornerstones of present-day music. I secretly used this opportunity for you to receive a musical lesson, courtesy of Reven-G.