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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see Bass.

Bass has shoulder length black hair, brown eyes, and has a small tattoo of a flower on her upper right arm.

Dance Dance Revolution FESTIVAL[]

Bass has three outfits chosen.

For her first outfit, she wears a teal headwrap, multicolored necklaces, a white lace sleeveless top, gold bracelets on her wrists, glittery orange and green gradient pants, and gray shoes.

For her second outfit, Bass now has her hair done in braids. She wears a purple headwrap with stars, a teal cropped jacket with zebra print cuffs that are white and purple, alongside with a matching undershirt, two necklaces, one of them being a gold one, other one being longer and having a heart charm, purple and gray gradient pants with a brown belt, and white and black sneakers.

For her third outfit, she wears a gold hair clip, a red sleeveless qipao top, gold bracelets on both wrists once again, black pants with a yellow dragon design, and white and pink sneakers.

Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2 & Dance Dance Revolution STR!KE[]

For her alternative costume in EXTREME 2, it is very similar to her primary outfit in FESTIVAL. Bass now wears a light blue headwrap, a yellow and orange lace top, glittery purple and orange pants, and brown shoes.