• Vincent Ly

    DDR USA - Song List

    March 9, 2020 by Vincent Ly

    DDR USA - Song List:
    BUTTERFLY / (CS version only)
    MAKE A JAM! / U1
    MAKE IT BETTER / mitsu-O!
    MY FIRE / X-TREME (CS version only)
    PARANOiA / 180 (CS version only)
    PARANOiA KCET ~clean mix~ / 2MB

    20,NOVEMBER (D.D.R. VERSION) / N.M.R feat. DJ nagureo
    AM-3P / KTz (CS version only)
    BOOM BOOM DOLLAR / King Kong & D.Jungle Girls (CS version only)
    BRILLIANT 2U (Orchestra-Groov) / NAOKI (CS version only)
    BOYS /
    DUB-I-DUB / ME & MY
    I believe in miracles / HI-RISE
    MAKE IT BETTER (So-REAL Mix) / mitsu-O SUMMER…

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  • Vincent Ly

    DDR 1stMix - Song List

    February 14, 2020 by Vincent Ly
    • HAVE YOU EVER BEEN MELLOW - The Olivia Project
    • KUNG FU FIGHTING - Bus Stop feat. Carl Douglas
    • LITTLE BITCH - The Specials
    • MY FIRE - X-Treme
    • STRICTLY BUSINESS - Mantronik vs EPMD
    • THAT'S THE WAY (I LIKE IT) - KC & The Sunshine Band

    • MAKE A JAM! - U1
    • MAKE IT BETTER - mitsu-O!
    • PARANOiA - 180
    • PARANiOA KCET ~clean mix~ - 2MB
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  • Vincent Ly

    DDR Console Releases

    February 14, 2020 by Vincent Ly

    • Dance Dance Revolution 1stMix (PS1, 1999)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 2ndReMix (PS1, 1999)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix (PS1, 1999)
    • Dance Dance Revolution Best Hits (PS1, 2000)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix (PS1, 2001)
    • Dance Dance Revolution Extra Mix (PS1, 2001)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 5thMix (PS1, 2001)
    • DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6thMix (PS2, 2002)
    • DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution 7thMix (PS2, 2003)
    • Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (PS2, 2003)
    • Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection (PS2, 2003)
    • DDR Festival: Dance Dance Revolution (PS2, 2004)
    • Dance Dance Revolution Strike (PS2, 2006)
    • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova (PS2, 2007)
    • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 (PS2, 2008)
    • Dance Dance Revolution X (PS2, 2009)

    • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party (Wii, 2007…

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  • Vincent Ly

    DDR Arcade Releases

    February 14, 2020 by Vincent Ly

    • Dance Dance Revolution 1stMix (1998)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix (1999)
      • Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix w/Beatmania IIDX Club Version 1 (1999)
      • Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMix w/Beatmania IIDX Club Version 2 (1999)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix (1999)
      • Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMix Plus (2000)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix (2000)
      • Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix Plus (2001)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 5thMix (2001)
    • DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6thMix (2001)
    • DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution 7thMix (2002)
    • Dance Dance Revolution Extreme (2002)
    • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova (2006)
    • Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 (2007)
    • Dance Dance Revolution X (2008)
    • Dance Dance Revolution X2 (2010)
    • Dance Dance Revolution X3 vs. 2ndMix (2011)
    • Dance Dance Revolution 2013 (2013)
    • Dance…

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  • Elizabeth Georgeos

    • The Hey Ho with all DDR characters
    • The Robot Dance with Rage & Robo 2000
    • The Popping & Electric Boogaloo with Emi & Izam
    • The Hammer Dance (U Can't Touch This) with Johnny & Jenny
    • The Snake Dance with Yuni and Dread-Snake
    • The "Push It" choreography with Akira & Rage
    • The "Ice Ice Baby" choreography with Janet & Ni-Na
    • Locking with Alice
    • B-Boying/Breakdancing with Rage & Izam
    • The Cabbage Patch Dance with Alice & Yuni
    • The Wop with Dread-Snake and Rage
    • Julio's Humpty Hump
    • Rage, the "Running Man"
    • Izam's Krump
    • Dirt Of Your Shoulders (D.O.Y.S.) with Ni-Na
    • Emi's C-Walk
    • Yuni's B-Walk
    • Twerking with Emi & Alice
    • Crank Dat Soulja Boy with Ni-Na & Emi
    • The Stanky Leg with Rage
    • Jerkin' with Emi
    • The Dougie with Rage
    • The Cat Daddy with Izam & Yuni
    • L.A. Style Dance with Akira & Baby…

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  • MaxXimus K

    ENTRY I: 12/27/15 - The Beginning of Good Things

    So I am new to the wikia, so this won't be fancy, but I do already have a concern...

    I noticed that there are no pages about the home versions of the games. I personally would like to see this wiki grow with information about the Mission Modes of various tiles... I may post more on this soon, but for now I just want to know if anyone is willing to try to build pages on the home versions with me.

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  • Elizabeth Georgeos

    I was just thinking about a remix of BRILLIANT 2U from the DDR 2nd Mix Nonstop Megamix (which it comes after IF YOU WERE HERE), which has never been in any DDR Games, neither the game files. You should ask Naoki Maeda about it. 

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  • BlazeSeed366

    Characters in Bust A Groove can hit their opponents with their special abilities to steal their dance scores. But for the DDR Characters, I made them just like in Bust A Groove but in Tekken based.

    Most of my fanon fics, I made the DDR characters based on the Tekken series which they can fight their enemies even in dance competitions. Their fighting styles are just like Tekken so here are the DDR characters who had a fighting style to fight their enemies.

    Rage - Resshuken mixed with Martial Arts and Dance moves

    Rage's fighting style since he's the main character of my fanon fics is Resshuken combined with Mixed Martial Arts and Dance Movements. He's the only character can knock his opponent with a powerful kick or can block their attacks and …

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  • JustinHorowitz


    June 14, 2015 by JustinHorowitz

    Heyyy everybody! So I have been working on a DDR Wikia ( and noticed that this Wikia exists as well! The Wikia I have been working on is really inactive but this one seems to be very active so I will work on this one instead!

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  • BlazeSeed366

    I know Gus is currently the tallest human character in the DDR series. So I decided to make an exception to this blog of mine.

    Let me get this straight, Yuni's bodyguard, Akira is the second tallest human character in the series too. Despite he's a minor in DDR X to follow Yuni when she sneaks away at her mansion. I have a comparision between these two tall guys here. BlazBlue character Kagura Mutsuki is the Colonel and the most powerful duodecim among both Jin Kisaragi and Tsubaki Yayoi in that game. The thing is, both men shares the same height, broad chested and good looking guys. But other times, being the strongest characters. Kagura flirts almost any women during his pre-fights but hates underage girls. In Akira's case, his overprotectiv…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    The Evolution of Rage

    September 5, 2014 by BlazeSeed366

    This blog of mine is just a parody of one of the villains in "The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest" which he keeps the book that he called "The Book of Rage".

    We all know that Reiji is a long spiky haired man with a goatee as well as the street dancer with a bad temper hence his nickname "Rage".

    From 3rdMIX to UNIVERSE 2, his appearance with a mix of street dancing attires and his motif was "camoflauge" where it was shown either pants, capris or jackets. His appearance resembles to Mike Shinoda of the band Linkin Park before he shaved his head in the It's Going Down's music video with X-Executioners.

    In DDR SuperNOVA to DDR X, he is always covered in headwear but underneath his hair has a medium spiky hair which he cut his hair short. His evol…

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  • Jskylinegtr

    BEMANI Fashion Show

    August 9, 2014 by Jskylinegtr

    Here's my idea for a crossover event here:

    BEMANI Fashion Show

    Games used: DDR 2013, pop'n music Lapistoria, & IIDX SPADA/Pendual

    Yuni, Emi, Nyami, Mimi, & some of the girls from IIDX are participating in a fashion show. Each character depending from which series they are from will be represented by 2 songs that will be sent to the 2 other games for people to play & pick via e-Amusement. The one picked the most will be crossovered completely.

    DDR 2013

    • Yuni: PARANOiA Revolution/ CLIMAX OF MAXX 360 & London EVOLVED/ TAG underground

    pop'n music Lapistoria

    • Nyami: Vairocana/ 五条式改 & MANA/ DJ YOSHITAKA
    • Mimi: DDR MEGAMIX/DDR & Jewelry girl / jun

    IIDX SPADA/Pendual

    • Any girl from IIDX: EDEN/ TЁЯRA & HAERETICUS/ D.J.Am…

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  • Barrendon2013

    I am considering becoming the new admin for this wiki. I know my way around the wiki as I spent the majority of last summer working on this wiki. I know how things are done. Check here for proof if you're skeptical. One of the main reasons I'm requesting the ability to become an admin is to delete some of the pages that don't need to be on this wiki (aka song pages that are not on official games). Second, I want to show other users how things are done. Finally, the current admin has pretty much given up on this wiki, as he has not edited here in months. I keep in contact with him through other methods and he told me himself that he lost the desire to edit at this wiki.

    So if you are for or against me becoming the new admin, you can comment.…

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  • BlazeSeed366

    It's kinda complicated to see both characters had the same red motif, goatee like Rage and most of all wearing hats at the same time.

    Izam is just Rage's rival in 4thMIX and Ni-Na's fiance his behavior is the different than Rage but same temperamental personality. J.C. in Extreme 2 looks different than Izam he's a pirate with tan skinned. Both characters had in mind to hate Rage so much... but both have the different personalities? What do you think of this? You can comment if you like it?

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    So, on the September 18, 2013 update, Dance Dance Revolution(X-Special) received the original Dance Dance Revolution (song)'s background video. But lo and behold, it uses the Replicant D-action dance stage!! It's even nicer! I hope they keep doing this (adding old BG videos but putting them on a dance stage) for other songs as well. Maybe even put back TRIP MACHINE EVOLUTION and PARANOiA Revolution's BG videos back to what they were in DDR X3 (on a dance stage instead of being in fullscreen)!

    • JOMANDA (jubeat copious APPEND) - Dark blue/black stage with huge monitor
    • VALLIS-NERIA (REFLEC BEAT limelight) - White stage with huge monitor

    And that's all I have for now.

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    Song Title Difficulty # of Notes Length of Song (seconds) # of Notes per Minute Calculated Value Actual Value
    Elemental Creation Challenge 860 127.358 405 165.217 165
    Elemental Creation Expert 789 127.358 371 144.099 144
    Chinese Snowy Dance Expert 594 104.229 341 125.466 125
    Go For The Top Challenge 622 95.000 392 157.143 157
    PARANOiA Revolution Expert 679 110.000 370 143.478 143
    TRIP MACHINE EVOLUTION Challenge 668 99.000 404 164.596 164
    POSSESSION Challenge 643 108.324 356 134.783 134
    GAIA Expert 670 121.000 332 119.876 119.9
    Another Phase Challenge 583 102.000 342 126.087 126
    Tohoku EVOLVED Expert 656 98.824 398 160.870 161
    PARANOiA Revolution Challenge 753 110.000 410 168.323 168
    Tohoku EVOLVED Challenge 690 98.824 418 173.292 173
    Anti-Matter Chall…

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    This is rather baffling. If they are adding back in the old BG videos for older songs (e.g. Gamelan de Couple), then why can't they put back in the special dance routines for the songs from DDR Wii games (not including DDR II, since DDR II uses random routines)? It really feels off seeing most of the DDR HP, HP2, and HP3 songs (e.g. Somehow You Found Me, SILVER☆DREAM, Sacred Oath, tokyoEVOLVED, etc.) without their respective special dance routines. Plus, the fact that SUPER SAMURAI lost its dance routine even in DDR X... it's just as bad. I mean, why omit the special dance routines completely when they can be retained?

    On the other hand, I actually would like to see Pierce The Sky with REACH THE SKY (Orbit1 remix)'s special dance routine in…

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    I know I have a page for this already, but it's useless now. So, I'll make another one in the form of a blog post.

    If you have any opinions or suggestions as to what songs I should use for (insert character name here) as his/her theme song, comment them down below.

    These lists are not yet complete (one is only shown).

    • The Wind of Gold / kors k - His DDR X2 outfit is predominantly colored yellow, so The Wind of Gold is fitting for him.
    • Boys /
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  • BeachSideRAGE

    Alas, the end of the Triple Journey event has come, with the new song Triple Journey -TAG EDITION-.

    Overall, the event was a good one for DDR, but I am also somewhat disappointed because I've been wanting to see these songs in DDR, but they couldn't make the cut in this event:

    • yellow head joe / S-C-U
    • Evans / DJ YOSHITAKA
    • Far east nightbird / 猫叉Master
    • アストライアの双皿 / ZODIACSYNDICATE
    • True Blue / dj TAKA feat.AiMEE - If every major cross-game event with jubeat saucer always has True Blue crossovering into the other game, why didn't they put this in DDR and GITADORA?!

    I also wanted these DDR songs to crossover to jubeat but again, they couldn't make the cut:

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† has finally appeared in DDR 2013! This has been one of my favorite jubeat songs (especially when it's Mayumi Morinaga; I know some of L.E.D.'s songs are starting to sound generic except for GAIA), and I am happy to see it in DDR at last. Even better, to make things for the better, it has a new background video! I want to see the chart!

    I love how †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† is a 15 on Expert; looking at that radar, there is a possibilty for a Challenge chart. Level 17 or 18 is a big possibilty.

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    Okay, I just heard of a bug with RЁVOLUTIΦN's background video in DDR 2013. Late into the song, after the stop, the background video changes from the original video to Memeshikute's, only my railgun's, then ΔMAX's. I found it here: (It was tweeted by ZEROWOLF)

    It looks like they need to really kill off the fullscreen background videos this time and let the dancers show! Remember when the songs with special stages would crash the game? Now we have something that could be similar but doesn't crash the game: portions of background videos from other songs suddenly replacing portions of a song's background video.

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  • Barrendon2013

    I think the Triple Journey Event is pretty cool. I am really loving all of the songs that crossed over to DDR. I really wish I could play all of these songs.

    • sola - I am loving this song! This is one of the songs I tap the rhythm to in class.
    • Sweet Rain - This song is pretty cool, too. I like the Expert chart a lot. I feel that some parts should have been a little harder.
    • Magnetic - Awesome song with an awesome Expert chart. I kinda wish they put 64ths in the 40 BPM section.
    • キケンな果実 - I could listen to this song all day and would not get sick of this song.
    • フー・フローツ - Love this song!
    • からふるぱすてる - This song is all right. For some reason, my mind keeps playing the part with the 12ths over and over in my head.
    • The Wind of Gold - I like this song a lot. T…

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    The crossover choices for DDR 2013 are great, but they need to stop making 12's on Expert and 9's on Difficult. Seriously! We need harder songs!

    • Sweet Rain - Pretty awesome song and fun Expert chart.
    • Magnetic - Another awesome song. Love how Expert is a 15.
    • キケンな果実 - I like it, and it's pleasing how the Expert chart.
    • フー・フローツ - This song is so awesome, but it should get a Level 15 Challenge chart (in the style of ACROSS WORLD)!
    • からふるぱすてる - I haven't heard the song yet, but I wish this one was a 14 on Expert!
    • The Wind of Gold - Yes! One of my favorite songs has come to DDR! Fun Expert charts.
    • REVOLUTION - Just in time for DDR's 15th anniversary.

    • True Blue - Every cross-game event with jubeat saucer (except for the jubeat, pop'n, and GITADORA one) has a…

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    These are songs from other BEMANI games I would like to see in DDR one day. If you have any suggestions as to what songs I should use and/or what difficulty ratings I should choose or if you have any comments on what songs I chose, feel free to comment them below.

    NOTE: The listed ratings, BG video types, and, in some cases, BPM's, are just predictions. If the song makes it into DDR, the ratings and (sometimes, the BPM and BG video types) may change. The song is then removed from this list.

    BG Legend

    • - = None.
    • ○ = Fullscreen background video
    • PV = Fullscreen background video (licenses only)
    • ☆ = Fullscreen background video (crossovers only)
    • ★ = Background video shown on-stage
    • S = Special dance routine

    Song Title Artist Origin BPM BG SP Difficulty DP …

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    NOTE: The ratings, genres, and rival characters (pop'n music only) shown may change when the songs actually make it to the games I want them in. Feel free to leave any suggestions as to what songs to be crossovered to one of the 5 BEMANI games I chose below and any suggestions as to what the difficulty ratings should be (if pop'n music also, then rival character).

    Kana Sort Song Title Artist BPM BASIC MEDIUM HARD
    な NEPHILIM DELTA L.E.D.-G 220 5 8 10
    か Go For The Top U1 overground 74-180 4 7 10+
    ま Monkey Business kors k 80-160 5 8 10+
    あ Another Phase TAG 160 3 7 10
    さ Spanish Snowy Dance Mutsuhiko Izumi 180 4 7 10+
    た Tohoku EVOLVED 2.1MB underground 43-1020? 5 8 10+
    は PARANOiA Revolution CLIMAX of MAXX 360…

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  • CrimsonFire

    So everyday of August, a song is added to either added to DDR, jubeat, of GITADORA. As of August 31st, 2013, here are the songs so far added:

    Date DDR jubeat GITADORA Song Original Game
    8/1/13 ✓ ✓ ✓ sola All 3 games
    ✓ 量子の海のリンドヴルム jubeat
    8/3/13 ✓
    Sweet Rain jubeat

    New Decade DDR
    8/5/13 ✓
    Magnetic jubeat
    8/7/13 ✓ ✓
    キケンな果実 GFDM
    ✓ Cassis jubeat
    8/9/13 ✓
    フー・フローツ jubeat

    万華鏡 GFDM

    Beautiful Drean


    Straight Oath DDR
    8/13/13 ✓
    からふるぱすてる GFDM


    ✓ ✓ heron DDR
    8/15/13 ✓
    The Wind of Gold jubeat

    Fly with me GFDM
    ✓ 此岸の戯事 jubeat
    8/18/13 ✓

    New Gravity DDR
    ✓ Spanish Snowy Dance DDR
    8/21/13 ✓ ✓
    Right on tim…

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  • Christinaaguilerafan56


    July 20, 2013 by Christinaaguilerafan56


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  • Barrendon2013

    So, yeah, I 'm trying to start to make footcams of my DDR playing. I am able to make footcams but then I don't have anything to take a video of the screen. I have to figure that out. Anyways, I have made a couple of videos. Here are a few links. I can't embed the videos directly:

    London Evolved Ver. A Expert 988,490

    POSSESSION Difficult 989,990

    Comment if you like these videos or if you want to give advice.

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  • Barrendon2013


    June 7, 2013 by Barrendon2013

    Today was my 8th grade graduation! I will miss all of my friends that are not going to my high school next year. Congrats to any other graduates on this wiki!.

    Hooray for summer!

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  • Barrendon2013

    I am so geeky that I made a chart for all of my high scores on DDR II! Here is the link if you want to see. I will constantly update it.

    Just so you know, I don't use the Wii Remote and/or Nunchuk or the Classic Controller or the GameCube Controller. I don't own a classic controller, and I would have trouble with the controls for the other methods. I only use the soft pad(s). Sometimes, the left arrow will either respond too much or not respond at all. It's annoying.

    I play pretty often, usually twice a week depending on the amount of homework I get. On DDR II, I'm running out of things to improve on. I've PFC'd all Expert charts up to 12, most 13's…

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  • CrimsonFire

    It was an American controller and the condition was new. It was $79.99 (pricey, but better than the other costs). It works fantastic. I even bought a PS2 to PS3 converter adapter to play beatmania on my computer. The problem is that I don't know how to install a HDD and I can't find a simulator like stepmania. So i've been playing the US version of beatmania (worst game ever) for practice. I'm also able to play it on Stepmania, but only the white keys though.

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    Adopting the Wiki

    March 7, 2013 by BeachSideRAGE

    My contributions have been great, and within a week or so, I will finally adopt it! I was never an admin at a wiki except for the REFLEC BEAT Wiki (which I'm the founder of). It's been a long time that I want to be an admin at this wiki since the founder's been gone for more than a year (which is sad, and it's even sadder that she will most likely never come back). I'm happy that my chance is here.

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  • BeachSideRAGE

    It was announced that the Round1 location in Moreno Valley, California, would have the first instance of a DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX cabinet outside of Asia. The grand opening will take place on September 7, 2012. This cabinet, however, will be an upgrade cabinet imported from Asia.

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