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Song Information[]

Artist: ALTIMA

Composition/Arrangement: Yaginuma Satoshi

Lyrics: Kurosaki Maon, motsu

BPM: 148

Length: ???

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution (2013)



果てしない空を往く 見えない翼が導く
遥か彼方、僕らを待つ まだ見ぬ未来へと…

Want some faster life? (Oh yeah yeah!!)
Giga faster speed? (Oh yeah yeah!!)
Tera faster stage? (Oh yeah yeah!!)
Now you tell me where you wanna go (Accel World!!)

Always 醒めきってた 速すぎる Day and night
透明な闇に囲まれ 誰も似た網(わ)の中で
(It was the day I found)

Found you あの日の風揺れ動いたPassion
And all of my past 全て君に会うためのProcessだったね
(Around you go slow)
Slowly open my eyes within the blackness
(The battle field, Check the squeal of wheel)
彼方から聞こえる予感に 鼓動奮わせて居たいから
(The beats overwrite whole life)
It's unlimited. It's unlimited. If I can believe myself again
光の中 目覚めていく 信じてくれたキミとなら
Never let it go. Never lose my way ここで生まれ変わる景色
傷さえいま誇りになる だからキミと Burst The Gravity

Giga speed of circuit so integrated, But now it's "Mayday Mayday"
Against the crisis I go what a what a what a hell is my reality.
But I got no anxiety hey Incarnation
I'll show you at the battle field

Weakness 強がること 慣れすぎていつか
Forget how to cry 心のPiece 欠けたままで過ごした
(Afraid to be a brave)

Braveness 弱さを知る (Yeah that was me)
キミがいま輝く (But now I see)
So beautiful sight 真っ直ぐに見上げた空 希望を繋いで
(My feeling glows more and more)

More and more I wanna see the meaning of the world
(The battle field, Check the squeal of wheel)
負けられないよ、もう誰にも 貫きたいものがあるから
(The beats overwrite my whole life)
Wanna be with you. Wanna be with you.
Wanna be the one makes you feel alright.
交わした手を、離さないで いつか飛び立つ日が来ても
Wanna tell you just how much I love you 運命に立ち向かうから
絆よりも強く深く 溶け合ってく Burst The Gravity

The stage is moving to Twilight. Look at the skyline it's full of feel
The love incarnated in an unlimited power
My heart runs around. Wind is passing the silent sound
Now that I got to go. Gotta make it fast to touch the sky

果てしない空を往く まだ見ぬ未来を目指して
覚えていて、胸の痛み 重なるほど強く思う

It's unlimited. It's unlimited. If I can believe myself again (Oh yes, you can)
光の中 目覚めていく 信じてくれたキミとなら (Hey Hey!!)
Never let it go. Never lose my way ここで生まれ変わる景色 (Majestic light)
傷さえいま誇りになる だからキミと二人
溶け合ってく Burst The Gravity

Song Connections / Remixes[]



  • Burst The Gravity is the second opening theme of the Accel World (アクセル・ワールド) anime.
  • Burst The Gravity made its first appearance in DanceDanceRevolution 2013, during the JAEPO 2013 event. It was later added to the final version on July 18, 2013.

Difficulty & Notecounts[]

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts/Freeze Arrows ?/? 148/5 225/8 277/8 - 148/5 224/14 278/8 -
DDR (2013)→Present 2 5 8 11 - 5 8 11 -

Burst the Gravity 999,980 DDR 2013

Burst the Gravity's Single Expert chart


Burst the Gravity Doubles 999,820 DDR 2013

Burst the Gravity's Double Expert chart


DDR2013 Burst The Gravity (ESP DSP BSP) 2013.07.20

Burst the Gravity's Single Basic, Difficult and Expert charts.


DDR2013 Burst The Gravity (EDP DDP BDP) 2013.07.20

Burst the Gravity's Doubles charts.

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