Charmy Anderson
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January 15


21 (DDR 3rdMIX-Ultramix 4)




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Los Angeles, California (USA)

Favorite Things

Needlework, Dancing
Modelling, Astro




Inline Skating, Dancing

Charmy Anderson (チャーミー・アンダーソン Charmi Andason) is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


She debuted alongside her boyfriend, Astro in Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX, until the release of Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4.

"Let's have fun!"
―Charmy to the player, Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 4

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A cheerful American cosplayer who works as a pizza-delivery girl. In her hometown of L.A, she gives a cheerful smile to customers as she delivers their order. As a faithful employee working for a small pizzeria, Charmy wants the restaurant to prosper.

Character and PersonalityEdit

Like Emi, Charmy is described as a cheerful and a happy girl. She likes to model any cyberspace or futuristic themed clothing. Charmy enjoys cosplaying with her boyfriend, Astro. Her favourite activities include, inline-skating and dancing. Her dislikes are quiet places and silence.


Charmy appears to have a medium length, bright green hair which is tied into two, low spiky ponytails. Her eyes are a dark burnt-orange. Her signature clothing piece is her roller blades. Her clothing is often themed in a futuristic, or Sci-Fi manner; usually in the form of mini-dress, skirts and shorts.



  • Charmy's color scheme for her 3rdMIX outfit is based off Kitty-N from Square Enix's hybrid music and fighting game, Bust A Groove and Bust A Groove 2.
  • She and Naoki share the same dislike of silence.
  • She is similar to Comet in Bust A Groove 2; Comet works as a waitress while Charmy works as a pizza-delivery girl.
    • In 5thMIX, Charmy's outfit is similar to Comet's as she wears shorts instead of skirts.
  • In Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX, Charmy is seen opening her mouth when she is happy while dancing. In Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX and onward however, she appears to be smiling like the other female characters.
  • In the Stepmania games, when P1 successfully does a 250 combo in either Marvelous or Perfect judgement, she will pop out from the P2 side saying "Toasty".
  • The initial concept for her outfit was a 'space nurse', but the model changed several times.

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