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Crazy Control

Album art in DDR X2.

Song Information[]

Artist: D-crew with VAL TIATIA

BPM: 105

Composition/Arrangement: Osamu Migitera

Lyrics/Vocals: VAL TIATIA

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X2

Other Appearances:

  • DanceDanceRevolution X2 US CS
  • DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 3/MUSIC FIT
  • DanceMasters/DanceEvolution

Length: 1:38


Cool I rule the jam in one session
Don't mess around I get down with progression
You know I can't be beat is your confession
Just pay attention it's your first lesson

Mic check now, one two, one two
The beat is tight, now it's up to you
Just be glad that Big Dad's gonna brew
Another hit from the one-man crew

Cause I'm just another M.C. doing my thing
With diamonds and gold rings because it's the life of a king
So take your hater shades off, another hit that I'll bring
I'll make you sing, mesmerized by my bling

I'm back by popular demand my mic is in my right
All my fans start standing
And get off of Yo' seat cause the beat will get yo'
Groove on, move on, tell me who's on
I be the one, son, I'm taking action
It's all fun, mon, great satisfaction
Front to back, sided to side let's rock
Hip hop will send the shock from the top
Hands up and shake the groove from your soul
We gettin' crazy but we're still in control

Remixes/Song Connections[]

  • A long version titled Crazy Control for TGS can be found in the DanceMasters Original Soundtrack.


  • Crazy Control marks the first time VAL TIATIA sings in an Osamu Migitera song.
  • Crazy Control is unlocked on DanceDanceRevolution X2 by reaching Enjoy Level 22.
  • Crazy Control's Expert chart is slightly altered in DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 3 and MUSIC FIT. The 12th notes are quantized to the nearest 32nd note, presumably to keep in sync with the vocals.
  • Crazy Control's charts do not have freeze arrows.

Official Song Comment[]