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Baby-Lon X2 Cut-in 1

Baby-Lon's Pattern A cut-in in DDR X2.

A cut-in (カットイン) is a picture of the character that appears whenever the player's combo hits 20 or multiples of 50 and 100. Cut-ins were introduced in DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2.

How the Cut-ins Appear In-Gameplay[]

In Single Play, the cut-ins appear on the side opposite the active player's side (e.g. If you are playing on player 1, then the cut-ins will appear where player 2's arrow field would normally be).

In Versus Play, the cut-ins are placed in the middle of the screen, between the two players' arrow fields. Player 1's cut-ins are closer to the top, and Player 2's are below Player 1's.

In Double Play, they do not appear at all. However, as of DanceDanceRevolution 2013, cut-ins now show in Double Play. If Player 1 is active, then the cut-ins will show at the left edge of the screen. If Player 2 is active, then the cut-ins will show at the right edge of the screen. Note that this applies only to widescreen cabinets.

If the song has a fullscreen background video, regardless of the playing style, cut-ins will never appear at all.

In DanceDanceRevolution X2, special dance stages with background videos were introduced so that characters appear alongside on-stage background videos. As such, cut-ins will appear like normal.

How the Cut-ins Work[]

DDR SuperNOVA2[]

There are two cut-ins for each character. The first one, called Pattern A, works like this:

, where x is the combo number the Pattern A cut-in will appear on, and n a certain number (e.g. x is 50 and n is 0). Pattern A cut-ins will always appear at 20 combo.

The second cut-in, Pattern B, works like this:

, where x is the final combo number and n the number of times the Pattern B cut-in has appeared in the song. (e.g. If you got a Full Combo on Anti-Matter's Single Challenge chart, the Pattern B cut-in would appear seven times being that Anti-Matter has 700 notes. This works only if the notecount is either 100 times any odd number)

DDR X→Present[]

Rage X2 Cut-in 3 (P1)

Rage's Pattern C cut-in in DDR X2.

Cut-ins still work the same as in DDR SuperNOVA2, except that a third cut-in has been added. The third cut-in, Pattern C, appears whenever you are halfway and 90% finished through a song (chart-wise, Freeze Arrows and Shock Arrows included). Only Pattern A and Pattern B cut-ins show whenever you are either in course mode or your lifebar is empty, never Pattern C.

In DDR X CS, the Pattern C cut-ins for the older outfits are simply recolors of the Pattern B cut-ins.

Examples of when the Pattern C cut-in will appear in[]

  • A song with no Freeze Arrows or Shock Arrows: The cut-in will appear at half and 90% of the maximum possible combo (e.g. GAIA has 670 notes and no Freeze Arrows on its Single Expert chart. The Pattern C cut-in will appear at the 335th and 603rd notes)
  • A song with Freeze Arrows but no Shock Arrows: Unknown (e.g. Gotta Dance has 307 notes and 18 Freeze Arrows on its Single Expert chart. The Pattern C cut-in will appear at the 158th and 276th notes)
  • A song with both Freeze Arrows and Shock Arrows: Unknown
  • A song with Shock Arrows but no Freeze Arrows: Same as with no Freeze Arrows or Shock Arrows (e.g. BALLAD THE FEATHERS's Single Challenge chart has 180 notes and 22 Shock Arrows. The Pattern C cut-in will appear at the 101st and 182nd notes).