General Information/GameplayEdit

DDR X2 for the PlayStation 2 is the sequel to DDR X for the Sony PlayStation 2. X2 was released in October 2009 only in North America, along with DDR HOTTEST PARTY 3/MUSIC FIT released for the Nintendo Wii. 

Gameplay remains the same as X2, the only new addition is Dice Master Mode, where you have to play as characters on a game board, and Request Mode, which is similar to mission mode in DDR EXTREME, where you have to pass different missions to unlock different parts of a picture. Information Mode, and Party Zone have been removed.

Differences with AC VersionEdit

Unlike it's arcade counterpart, DDR X2 PS2 engine is highly based off of DDR X's engine, featuring the new 20-point rating system introduced by that game as well as the visual improvements (like the Full Combo Splash and the combo counter that changes colors according to the highest judgement the player has stepped so far). Like most North American DDR games, the songlist does not contain all the songs in the arcade version on X2, it being divided amonglicenses, Konami Original songs new to DDR, songs transplanted from Bemani games, particularly those from the arcade version of DDR X, and songs revived from older mixes including songs previously included from Japanese mixes.


  • On the preview versions presented on events, What Will Become of Me has a different Expert chart and a Challenge chart. The Challenge chart has the same Groove Radar reading as the Expert chart from the final version. This reading can also be seen on the 2009 trailer for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version.
  • Users have reported crashes while playing Dice Master Mode, and have advised other players to just keep on playing songs on the regular modes to unlock new songs.
  • This is the first PS2 game for the North American audience that allows the players to change the interface language.
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