Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Wiki

Menu Changes[]

  • Beta2010Menu
    Rena in the main menu isn't holding glowsticks
  • Dance Mode is called Free Play Mode instead
  • The Icons use the HOTTEST PARTY 3 character models, and different characters. for example D.D.R. School Uses Root on the icon instead of NAOKI.

Title Screen Changes[]

  • This uses a different animation.
    Beta Title Screen
  • This also uses different transitions.

Background Changes[]

  • The dancers on the select player, mode, etc. are the HOTTEST PARTY 3 versions instead of the In-Game ones.
    Beta Select

Gameplay Changes[]

  • The transition between the game and scoring screen says "D.D.R. Evolution" suggesting that this was going to be the title for DanceDanceRevolution (2010)
    Beta Transition
  • The scoring screen uses HOTTEST PARTY 3 assets along with a grey box that displays the players score (Letter), this was also shown in the KONAMI Press conference at E3 2009, but still was never used.
    Beta Scoring