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Dance Dance Revolution GB was a port of Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX on to the popular Game Boy Color, the later incarnations focused on later Dance Dance Revolution games from the 2000's such as ports of 3rdMIX (GB 2) and 4thMIX (GB 3). The game itself was (obviously) a watered down version of the 3 games starting from 2ndMIX, it was made by Konami's KCEK team (Konami Computer Entertainment Kobe, which is now Konami Computer Entertainment Osaka) instead of the KECJ team which worked on the Beatmania GB series.

The game seemed like it's pointless to play without the dance pad, but the game actually came packaged with a plastic finger-pad instead of a dance pad which would be attached on the front of the Game Boy which have pads which press a certain button on the Game Boy (The D-pad and A + B buttons). There are some variations of this accessory, the original (with the same style as a DDR pad), the GB 3 style (yellow with black and white buttons), The Disney mix style (pink with red and white buttons featuring Minnie on the pad), and the DDR GB 2 style (Black with black and white buttons).


The songs featured on the game were shared from the first few arcade releases as listed here:

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The music quality is just what you expect from a GBC game, but it's not really CD quality music like it's arcade/PlayStation versions. But it sounds familiar for some DDR players who have played through the first 3 mixes.

The DDR GB series along with the Beatmania GB games later ended in 2001 after the release of GB 3, when the Game Boy Color later discontinued with the release of the Game Boy Advance being close to released.