Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Wiki
Ddr staycool pad

The Konami "Stay Cool" pad.

A Dance Pad, sometimes known as a Dance Mat, is an accessory typically used as a controller for dance games.

Dance Pad Variants[]

Soft Pad[]

Soft pads are usually made of a plastic sheet, with sensors beneath it. One of the most common versions of these pads are the official Konami "Stay Cool" pad, which came in many forms and was bundled with most home versions of the games, up until Dance Dance Revolution II on the Wii in 2011. They are disliked by the competitive community as they are flimsy and do not hold up well for harder songs.

Foam Pad[]

These are similar to soft pads, but have a foam interior so they do not move during gameplay. They are also more rigid that regular soft pads.

Hard Pad[]

There are 2 types of hard pads: arcade pads and homebrew pads.

L-tek dancepad

The L-Tek dance pad (sometimes called the Polish Pad)

Arcade Pads are the dance pads that were originally on the cabinets, but have since been separated and used on a PC. They provide the same feel as a real cabinet, so they are sought after by competitive or hardcore players. However they are very costly, since they all come from arcade cabinets.

Homebrew pads are made by the dance game community as a way for people who don't have an arcade pad to have a good competitive pad. Some famous homebrew pads include things like the Cobalt Flux, L-Tek and the StepManiaX. They range in price widely from $150 to over $1000. These pads are designed to be upgraded and tweaked.