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HDV Death run

Healing-D-Vision's death run on Challenge.

In DanceDanceRevolution terminology, a Death run (known in Japanese terminology as ラス殺し (rasu koroshi, lit. Last Kill) when referring to a long set of notes at the end of a song) is a usually long and continuous, and difficult cluster of notes that require the player to step quickly. Most boss songs have this at the end of the song, making them a challenge to pass. Death runs may either be simple (simple trills and clusters of notes (e.g. PARANOiA (kskst mix)'s Expert charts have a simplified ending death run with only 16ths)) or complex (crossovers, spins, and other techniques thrown in (e.g. PARANOiA Revolution's Single Challenge chart adds 16th notes in the otherwise all-8th note stream)). The very first song to utilize this gimmick was SUPER STAR from Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix.

Examples of Songs that use this gimmick[]

Not all songs with this gimmick will be listed.