HDV Death run

Healing-D-Vision's death run on Challenge.

In DanceDanceRevolution terminology, a Death run (known in Japanese terminology as ラス殺し (rasu koroshi, lit. Last Kill) when referring to a long set of notes at the end of a song) is a usually long and continuous, and difficult cluster of notes that require the player to step quickly. Most boss songs have this at the end of the song, making them a challenge to pass. Death runs may either be simple (simple trills and clusters of notes (e.g. PARANOiA (kskst mix)'s Expert charts have a simplified ending death run with only 16ths)) or complex (crossovers, spins, and other techniques thrown in (e.g. PARANOiA Revolution's Single Challenge chart adds 16th notes in the otherwise all-8th note stream)). The very first song to utilize this gimmick was SUPER STAR from Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass Mix.

Examples of Songs that use this gimmickEdit

Not all songs with this gimmick will be listed.