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Devil-Zukin is one of many Zukin characters in the Dance Dance Revolution series. She is a recurring character last playable on the PS2 console before SuperNOVA. She's a demon with little canonical information.

Games in order of appearance:

Character and PersonalityEdit

In DDR 3rdMIX, the character named Devil-Zukin was introduced as a demon born from the dark side of Oshare-Zukin's heart, having cold skin due to lack of blood and flapping wings. An interview revealed that her hood cannot be removed; it's part of her head. It also stated she was previously locked in a dungeon. She wears a plaid skirt with, a purple shirt, and a pentacle on her forehead, having a comical face much like Oshare Zukin. Konami's artwork depicted this version of Devil Zukin bearing a scythe.

In DDR 4thMIX, her appearance changes entirely. She dons red bandaged accessories, and her pentacle is replaced with a star on her shirt (albeit, still a pentagram, but without the circle). He face is more realistic, more like a dark version of Maid Zukin from the same game. She likes to trick people, but her profile also states she's "aiming at the gap of her heart."

In both games, her dance partner is a Konsento robot. Supposedly, the robot inherited strange powers from her, implying that Devil-Zukin had dark powers of her own, yet what she can do is unknown.


The differences between her 3rd mix and 4th mix appearance and personality make it difficult to determine which is her true character. Konami of America mentioned her in Konami's 2012 E3 battle, claiming she was a boss in DanceDanceRevolution X2 (a blatant lie, for lack of a better phrase, for the only bosses were Dark Rinon and the six Rinon clones of Replicant D-action).


  • She is in the background of .59's banner; ironically, the song is often known as being a pun on the Japanese word for "heaven".
  • Her "angry" face in DDR 4thMIX shows that she also has fangs.
  • She is often called "Evil Zukin" in American console releases. She was also "Black Zukin" in Korean releases.
  • She was the only DDR character to advance to the second round of the E3 battle; however, it is worth noting she won by 1% against the Moai Statue, while the other characters (Emi and Rage) lost to popular Konami names (Frogger and Bill Rizer & Lance Bean, respectively).


  • Devil Zukin 4th mix card
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  • Devil Zukin's 3rd mix outfit, posted at Konami's site for 4th mix
  • 3rd mix Devil Zukin and Konsento: 03
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