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Disco (ディスコ Disuko?), also known as Afro (アフロ Afuro?), is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Disco was introduced in the original Dance Dance Revolution and has appeared in every game ever since. He’s been around since the beginning of the series. An entrepreneur who owns a number of businesses, he even runs his own club just so he can dance there. Day or night, he’s always on the dance floor, “To keep an eye on things,” he says.

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Disco is the manager of the club business called "research". His club business is going well as he hits the dance floor all day and night.

"Once the renovation is finished on the club, we're gonna have a rockin' anniversary party. Of course we'll have good music and food... and you know the place'll be bouncin' with all the fly honeys!"

After one year since the 10th anniversary party, Disco now runs his own company called "Brand New Funk Fashion" attire. He has found a ray of light for the problem of his afro size.

Design and Conception[]

Here is what the designers of Disco have to say:

"We used a new technique to bring out the most in his hairstyle. We think it’s got a real nice busy feel to it. What do you think?" - DDR X

Character and Personality[]

Disco is described as a funky, happy, and smooth fellow. Often though, his peers would describe him as weird and unpredictable, especially with Jenny commenting on how he told her to "dance with as many people as she can".

Disco is initially portrayed as a manager of the research club business who hits the dance floor from day and night.

From DDR X, Disco later portrays as a big entrepreneur who owns a number or businesses and the true dance king of the whole series. He also acts as the director of Jenny's big film and it would not be a surprise if he acted as manager of her or even Alice. In DDR X2 and onwards, Disco now runs his own company as the owner of "Brand New Funk Fashion".


Disco appears to have black hair in a style of afro, black eyes and a moustache. He also have chest hairs as well.



DDR X (Street Master Mode)[]

Episode 1: Meeting Emi[]

Disco meeting Emi

Episode 2: Disco vs. Rage[]

Disco arrival MAX Carnival and meeting Rage

Episode 3: Dance Empress of Yuni[]

Disco arrival Verse Mansion and meeting Yuni

Episode 4: Baby Time[]

Disco meeting Baby-Lon

Episode 5: Alice Forever[]

Disco in TV Tower

Episode 6: Gus in mind[]

Disco meeting Gus

Episode 7: Waiting Ruby[]

Disco waiting a Ruby

Episode 8: Dance or Robot[]

Disco a dance or robot

Episode 9: Queen Zukin's raged[]

Disco arrived Revolution Park and meeting battle on Queen-Zukin

Episode 10: Battle on Julio[]

Disco meeting Julio

Episode 11: Always of Jenny[]

Disco appeared in Film Studio and meeting Jenny

Episode 12: Silent Greater[]

Episode 13: Longer racer[]

Episode 14: Dance King[]


At long last, Disco has surpassed even himself, but this isn’t the end of his quest. As long as there’s music to dance to, Disco will be there to dance with it.

DDR X2[]

Disco now runs his own Brand New Funk Fashion outfit company, and he has a fix for the problem with the size of his afro.

DDR Dance Wars[]

Unidentified Funky Objects[]

Disco is the main character in the Unidentified Funky Objects event. He discovers that aliens have now invaded Earth, and he teams up with Emi to try to stop them.

Chapter 1[]

Disco tries to find a way to stop the aliens, and so he discovers that dancing works against the invading aliens.

Chapter 2[]

Disco and Emi see that the aliens are still arriving, and suddenly, Emi becomes abducted. Disco tries to save her.

Chapter 3[]

Disco is unhappy that Emi has been kidnapped, and Bonnie, shocked about Emi's abduction, joins forces with Disco to defeat the invading aliens.

Chapter 4[]

The last fleet of aliens has arrived, and Disco defeats some of the aliens with his dancing. However, he accidentally destroys the wrong UFO, which in turn contained Emi. Bonnie assures Disco that he shouldn't worry about Emi now and that the two should focus on finally driving out the alien invaders.


Disco and Bonnie have defeated the last of the aliens, and they are glad to see Emi has escaped from the aliens' grasp. Disco promises to see them next time.


  • Disco is one of the first characters to be created for the DDR series, along with Lady. His appearance from DDR 1stMIX, along with Lady herself, are playable on the arcade version of DDR X.
  • Disco is known as Afro in Japanese DDR releases.
  • He is the oldest male character of the DDR series at the age of 44 (as of DDR A20 PLUS). The other one being U.G.
  • He is the best dancer out of all the characters.
  • Disco appears in the background music Let's Groove in his 1stMIX outfit in DDRMAX and Stoic (for Extreme) in his 5thMIX gallery appearance wearing kimono in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME.
  • Similar to how Rena has a slight resemblance to EmiU.G., a character from the DDR Wii series, has a similar appearance to Disco, however he has a rainbow afro.
  • Disco appears in the beginning of the background video for She is my wife, along with Emi, doing part of the dance routine for I WANT YOUR LOVE (Darwin remix).
  • Disco also shares similarities with Mr. Satan from Dragon Ball Z series and both shares the same afro hairstyle and moustache. The only differences is their occupation within their portrayals; Afro is a dance enterpreneur and owner of a fashion business while Mr. Satan is an unpredictable martial artist and the hero of Satan City.
  • Disco is one of few DDR characters to appear in pop'n music. He is the rival character for DDR MEGAMIXAFRONOVA PRIMEVAL (DDR crossover), and BUTTERFLY(DELACTION REMIX).
  • In REFLEC BEAT colette, you can unlock a player icon featuring Disco.
  • Disco is one of the DDR crossover characters to make appearances in some pop'n music games. Other characters are Oshare-Zukin, who appears in pop'n music 8 and pop'n music 12 Iroha, and Emi, who appears in pop'n music 16 PARTY.
  • Disco appeared on the MTV show Video Mods, for the song 1, 2 Step by Ciara featuring Missy Elliott.


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