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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see Drum.

Drum appears with slick back short blonde hair with side bangs at the left side of his head and blue eyes.

DDR FESTIVAL-Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2[]

In his primary appearance, he wears a white formal jacket with brown and white striped black jaguar spot design on the collar and folded sleeves of his jacket with a red undershirt, different shades of blue pants with snake skin design with black belt to his waist and black leather shoes. He also has a golden round buckle on the center of his black belt.

His alternate appearance is still his primary outfit but minor changes. His white formal jacket becomes pale blue, his undershirt changed to neon green, snake skin design becomes purple and black, his belt becomes dark blue with a matching yellow round buckle and his shoes changed to pale brown.

DDR FESTIVAL-Dance Dance Revolution STRIKE![]

His second outfit is a red furred coat with black folded sleeves and collar and a matching red belt with brown fur and blue single line on his coat, green and cyan pinstripped pants and dark blue shoes. He also wears blue sunglasses while wearing this outfit. This outfit becomes his primary outfit in the Japanese version of DDR STRIKE!

His alternate appearance is still his primary outfit, his furred coat with folded sleeves changed to blue and white.


His third and last outfit is an orange v-neck short sleeve shirt with a yellow square design at the center of his shirt with a dark blue long sleeve shirt underneath, gray denim cargo jeans and black and gray sneakers.