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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see Dyna.

Dyna has blond hair and blue eyes.


In DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 3, Dyna wears a school uniform consisting of a white quarter sleve shirt with a blue tie, a pink vest, dark gray gloves, a chain below her shirt, a black and white pleated skirt with a belt to secure it, black and white diamond knee-high socks and pink and white sneakers. Her hair is tied into two ponytails and her outfit can also recolor into green, pink and multicolor, with the latter two outfits turning the vest into a mini jacket.

DDR (2010)[]

In DDR (2010)/HOTTEST PARTY 4, Dyna's appearance was changed drastically, and her appearance is similar to the original DDR characters in the current DDR games starting from DDR SuperNOVA until DDR A20. Her hair is now slightly shortened and put into a single ponytail.

She also now wears a black and light cyan leather jacket with a white t-shirt, a black ruffled skirt, and a pair of dark gray sandals.

Her second outfit recolors her jacket to purple with a floral design, as well as her t-shirt being redesigned to the flag of the United Kingdom, her black ruffled skirt now being a layered frill skirt, and her sandals still remain unchanged.