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Song Information[]


EGOISM 440 picture

Artist: U1 High-Speed

Composition: Yuichi Asami

Arrangement: Yuichi Asami

BPM: 55-440

Length: 1:37

First Appearance: DDR 2013

Other Appearances: None


The soundbites "Do you think about me" and "Bass kick" can be heard.

Song Connections / Remixes[]

EGOISM 440 shares the "Do you think about me?" sample with Elisha and WONDER WALKER.


  • EGOISM 440 was a song in the Replicant D-Ignition event that could only be played after getting an AA on the other five Extra Stage songs in that event. At this point, it could be played on Expert as an Extra Stage, and beating it would immediately take the player to MAX. (period) as an Encore Extra Stage. If the song was failed, the player would have to AA the first five Extra Stage songs again to retry it.
  • Assuming the BPM is 220 and ignoring all the stops, the time signature changes as follows:
  • 4/4→9/4→8/4→7/4→5/16→4/4→5/4→3/4→2/4→3/8
  • Since August 6th, 2015, EGOISM 440 can be unlocked through Extra Attack after the other Replicant D-Ignition songs (excluding MAX. (period) and Over The "Period") have been unlocked on Expert this way. After fully unlocking MAX. (period) and Over the "Period" (challenge charts included), EGOISM 440's Challenge chart will be unlocked.
  • Since December 24th, 2015, EGOISM 440 is automatically unlocked for all players.
  • EGOISM 440 is only the third Single song to have a chart rated 19, and only the fourth Doubles chart to have a chart rated 19.
  • EGOISM 440 has by far the highest Stream values in the game (226 for Single Challenge and 270 for Double Challenge, compared to 888's previous record of 200. Both Challenge charts also have the second highest stepcounts for their modes, beaten only by Elemental Creation (811 and 804, respectively).
    • However, this song has the highest average notes per second, which is around 8.4,beating to Elemental Creation
  • EGOISM 440's Single Challenge chart has 16th notes at 440 BPM, making them the fastest notes in the series. The previous record holder was New Decade, which has 32nd noted at 200 BPM, the equivalent of 16th notes at 400 BPM.

Difficulty & Notecounts[]

Game Single Doubles
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 261/1 287/2 428/5 620/10 811/6/0 294/2 419/4 583/6 804/1
DDR 2013 AC 9 10 13 17 19 10 14 17 19