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Song Information[]

Fascination MAXX-jacket

Album art.

Fascination MAXX


Artist: 100-200-400

Composition/Arrangement: NM SEQUENCE UNLIMITED

Genre: SuperNOVA BEAT (SuperNOVAビート)

BPM: 100-400

Length: 1:42

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA

Other Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes[]


  • Fascination MAXX is one of the boss songs on DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA, accessible as an EXTRA STAGE song on All Music mode.
    • It is also the One More Extra Stage song on beatmaniaIIDX 14 GOLD, after beating VANESSA as the Extra Stage.
  • Fascination MAXX is one of the first 3 songs to have a Challenge chart that is rated Level 18 on DDR X's new difficulty scale of 1 to 20. The other two are Healing-D-Vision and Fascination ~eternal love mix~. It is also the first song to have an Expert chart rated Level 17.
  • PARANOiA Revolution's Single Expert chart uses a portion of Fascination MAXX's Expert/Challenge chart, while Double Expert uses Difficult instead.
  • Fascination MAXX's Double Expert and Challenge charts had timing fixes on DDR X.
    • As such, their Freeze values also decreased in DDR X.
  • On DDR S+, Fascination MAXX's BPM is wrongly displayed as 100-401.
  • According to NAOKI, MAX 300, the Extra Stage song of DDRMAX, originally was set to run at 400 BPM. However, it was too fast. The 400 BPM would later be used for Fascination MAXX.
  • Fascination MAXX's Single Challenge chart originally had the highest Stream value of any Single Play chart, at 200. It was later lowered to 160.248 (160) in DDR X2, with the addition of 888. 888 currently holds the highest Stream value of 200 for its Single Challenge chart.
  • The vast majority of Fascination MAXX's regular 4th notes actually land on non-4th notes, in this order: 8th, and 24th.
    • This makes the song very useless in note option.

Song Production information[]

This is one of the songs where unbelievable speed fluctuation has become a vital part of the song, and is the key factor of sharpening this song's difficulty.
While trying to keep this song on top of "DDR"'s difficulty, it's just 1 of the games that we want to place a challenging song!
Trying passing it! Provided you have the skills necessary for passing it, of course.
Try paying attention to the beat of the song. You might lose your focus like as if you were dancing!

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Difficulty & Notecounts[]

Game Single Doubles
Notecounts / Freeze Arrows / Shock Arrows 101 / 0 272 / 9 397 / 7 640 / 4 670 / 16 / - 264 / 12 380 / 3 628 / 3 654 / 3 / -
DDR SuperNOVA→SuperNOVA2 ☆4 ☆9 ☆9 ☆10 ☆10 ☆8 ☆9 ☆10 ☆10
DDR X→Present 6 11 13 17 18 10 13 17 18
DDR SuperNOVA CS ☆4 ☆9 ☆9 ☆10 ☆10 ☆8 ☆9 ☆10 ☆10
DDR S+ 6 11 13 17
DDR (2010) ☆4 ☆8 ☆9 ☆10 ☆10



DDR SuperNOVA - Fascination MAXX (Challenge)

Fascination MAXX CSP


Fascination MAXX Expert Challenge Charts

The Expert/Challenge step charts.