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Flat example

Flat is an arrow option first used in the original Dance Dance Revolution. As its name implies, regardless of whatever beat they fall on, all notes are colored exactly the same. This made it harder to time songs perfectly before the introduction of the Vivid arrow option in Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX.

How the Arrows are Colored[]

The color cycle for the Flat arrow option is similar to Vivid, but all arrows are in the same color as the 1/4th note arrows.

Arcade Series[]

DDR 1998→2ndMIX[]

"Flat" is the default and only arrow option in the game.

DDR 3rdMIX→Present[]

"Flat" is now an arrow color option alongside Vivid, Note, and Rainbow.

DDR X3 (2ndMIX Mode)[]

In DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX's 2ndMIX mode, Flat is always on by default, just like DDR 2ndMIX.



DDR 2013 - Top The Charts (SP-CHALLENGE)

The Flat option in action.

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