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Freeze Arrow

The longer green arrows are Freeze Arrows.

The Freeze Arrow (フリーズアロー)was introduced in DDRMAX -Dance Dance Revolution 6thMIX- in 2001. It can be described as a long green arrow. These notes must be held its entire length in order to score points. Freeze Arrows can vary in length; they can be as short as a 64th note long (Trip Machine Jungle Mix X-Special would know about that!) or as long as a whole song (not that any freeze arrow in any official chart is that long). If held the entire length, an "O.K!" is awarded. If a Freeze Arrow is not held the entire length, then an "NG" (No Good) is given. Freeze Arrows add to the Freeze value on the Groove Radar.

If two Freeze Arrows appear simultaneously, jump and keep your feet on the corresponding panels.


Freeze Arrows have been worth different amounts since they were introduced.


In the Dance Point system, Freeze Arrows give 6 points for an O.K. and 0 (zero) points for a N.G. This may affect the grade a player receives on a song.


The number of Dance Points was changed in DDR SuperNOVA. An O.K. on a Freeze Arrow awards 2 Dance Points instead of 6. N.G.'s are still worth nothing.

DDR SuperNOVA2Edit

The Dance Point system was removed in DDR SuperNOVA2. An O.K. is worth the same amount as a Marvelous which is 1,000,000 / (number of notes [jumps are one step] + number of Freeze Arrows [a pair of Freeze Arrows with the same start and end are counted as one O.K])


The scoring is the same as SuperNOVA2 but now a N.G. scored on a Freeze Arrow breaks the current combo.

DDR X2→DDR (2013)Edit

Same scoring as DDR SuperNOVA2 and DDR X. In addition, during Extra Stage, if a N.G is scored on a Freeze Arrow, a life is lost. Also, N.G.'s count towards Misses in the results screen.


The scoring is the same as in DDR EXTREME. Freeze Arrows are still counted as one.


Same as HOTTEST PARTY, except two Freeze Arrows are counted as separate items now.

DDR (2010)Edit


Instead of O.K.'s, Perfects are rewarded for successfully holding a Freeze Arrow. Freeze Arrows also give out misses if not held successfully. So, New York EVOLVED (Type A)'s maximum possible combo would be 573+85=658.


See DDR HOTTEST PARTY 2→HOTTEST PARTY 3. However, the N.G. judgment has been renamed to Not Quite.


Same scoring as DDR SuperNOVA2 and DDR X. However, like with HOTTEST PARTY 2, Freeze Arrows are counted as separate items. N.G. is still Not Quite.

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