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Song Information[]


Album art.


BPM: 152

Composition/Arrangement: NAOKI MAEDA

Lyrics/Vocals: Paula Terry


First Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME

Other Appearances:

Length: 1:39


Goes around, for us tonight.
They're letting our love shine through.
People, come sway,You've got to stay,
Feel the love from the words that I say.
Don't you just know, how I love you?
It's nothing when in milky years,
but if you ever have to go,
no way to stop my tears!
Over, and over, and over you,
I'll never get over you,
Over you, over you (over you), got a hold on you,

For the sun will shine, if you'll stay mine,
We'll never get any cloudy days,
Shining and shining, shining through,
all the love that I feel for you,
I wish that you will stay mine until the end!

So deep, my love is flowing deeper (flowing deeper and deeper)
People say that love hurts, my love is flowing deep for you!

For the sun will shine, a new day will come,
our love will keep on flowing,
flowing and flowing, flowing through
all the love that I feel fot you,
I wish that you will stay mine until the end of time,
Until the end of time, only for you,
until the end!!

Remixes/Song Connections[]

  • HYPER EUROBEAT also appears in the beatmaniaIIDX series, as HYPER EUROBEAT (2DX style). This version of HYPER EUROBEAT is slightly extended, and is credited to NAOKI feat. Paula Terry.
  • Glacial (radio edit), a Japanese version of HYPER EUROBEAT by Riyu Kosaka (with NAOKI), appears on V-Rare Soundtrack 5-DDRMAX2.
  • A cover of HYPER EUROBEAT, SAY IT AGAIN, appears in DDR S.


  • HYPER EUROBEAT's background and album art feature Lady.
    • HYPER EUROBEAT's DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars banner also features her.
  • On the US/EU iTunes release of the DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 OST, HYPER EUROBEAT's audio is swapped with OUTER LIMITS. OUTER LIMITS is also erroneously titled Hyper Eurobeat and credited to NAOKI feat. DDR ALL STARS when it is actually by L.E.D.-G.
  • HYPER EUROBEAT is unlocked on DDR Dance Wars by completing Sticker Stage 05-1.
  • On DDR Dance Wars, HYPER EUROBEAT's BPM is incorrectly displayed as 152-153. However, the BPM error has since been corrected in an update.

Official Song Comment[]