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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see Harmony.

Harmony has dark brown braids, wears light blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick, and has light gray eyes.


In HOTTEST PARTY up to HOTTEST PARTY 3, Harmony wears a black crop top with a yellow undershirt, denim short shorts and orange and gray shoes. She also wears a cap that says "Dance Dance Revolution" or "DDR" depending on the color chosen. This outfit can change colors in gray, pink and green.


In HOTTEST PARTY 2, Harmony's hair was tied into two low space buns. She now wears a pink crop top with a similar yellow undershirt from HOTTEST PARTY, as well as a zebra-like hat and matching shorts, winter boots and silver earrings. She also wears pink-magenta sunglasses as an extra accessory.

Her alternate appearance is her primary outfit in which her crop top and undershirt's colors become inverted, her hat and shorts are recolored from black and white to pinkish-red, green, blue and white, her winter boots recolored to pink, her silver earrings recoloored to gold and her pink-magenta sunglasses recolored to lavender.


In HOTTEST PARTY 3, Harmony wears a yellow top with a silver necklace, white and dark turquoise shorts with a yellow polka dot belt, a yellow leg cuff, a pair of orange leg warmers and white high heels. She also wears a beige and dark turquoise fedora.

Her alternate appearance is still her primary outfit, with her yellow top and white and dark turquoise shorts now changed to black and gray, her necklage with diamonds on it, her high heels changed from white to silver and her fedora changed to black with a ladybug-like design around it. The belt on her shorts, as well as her leg cuff and leg warmers are also recolored to the same ladybug-like design from her fedora.

DDR (2010)[]

Harmony has a drastic change since her previous appearance in HOTTEST PARTY and her appearance is similar to the original DDR characters in the current DDR games starting from DDR SuperNOVA until DDR A20. Her hair has finally been let loose and has been changed to a pixie cut with gold highlights.

She now wears a pink and purple jacket with a black under croptop, pink shorts, black necklace and long brown boots.

Her alternate appearance changes her highlights from gold to gray, her top and shorts from pink and purple to black and red, her under croptop inverted colors, her necklace remains unchanges and her boots changed from brown to completely black.