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Song Information[]

Healing-D-Vision (DDR X2)

Album art.

Artist: DE-STRAD

Composition/Arrangement: NM SEQUENCE UNLIMITED

BPM: 180-360

Length: 1:42

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA

Other Appearances:



Song Connections / Remixes[]


  • Healing-D-Vision is a hidden EXTRA STAGE song on DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA. To access it, you must get a AA on your final song on Expert or Challenge in game modes Easy or Medium; Fascination MAXX would be on Hard or All Music.
    • Even though its BPM is slower than Fascination MAXX (by 40) and is a sub-boss in normal play, it differs in Challenge Mode. In the Boss Rush Episode IV course, Healing D-Vision is the 5th and final boss song (with its Challenge chart) after completing Fascination MAXX on Challenge (4th song).
  • Healing-D-Vision had all of its charts quantized to the nearest 16th before it was fixed on DDR X. As of DDR X, all notes are proper 12ths, although the ending run before the last set of jumps is correctly quantized as 8ths. The ending run for the Challenge chart remains untouched, however, despite fixing two notes. The Beginner chart is left as it is since it only has 4th notes.
  • Healing-D-Vision starts at 180 BPM and doubles up to 360 near the end.
  • Healing-D-Vision's title is incorrectly shown as Healing_D_Vision on its album art. This has never been corrected.
  • The Expert chart of PARANOiA Revolution uses a portion of Healing-D-Vision's Expert chart, using the first three sets of 360 BPM jumps. Single Challenge also uses the Challenge chart, except mirrored.
    • The aforementioned difficulties of PARANOiA Revolution's chart use the pre-DDR X timing versions of the aforementioned Healing-D-Vision charts.
  • Healing-D-Vision's Single Expert chart has the highest Air value of any Single Expert chart, at 120.

Official Song Comment[]


Difficulty & Notecounts[]

Game SP Difficulty DP Difficulty
Notecounts/Freeze Arrows 150/0 267/18 349/2 421/2 525/2 264/18 345/2 443/2 517/2
DDR SuperNOVA (before patch in mid-September 2006) ☆3 ☆7 ☆9 ☆9 ☆10 ☆7 ☆9 ☆9 ☆10
DDR SuperNOVA (after Sep. 2006 patch) →SuperNOVA2 ☆3 ☆7 ☆9 ↑☆10 ☆10 ☆7 ☆9 ↑☆10 ☆10
DDR X→Present 6 9 12 14 18 9 13 15 18
DDR SuperNOVA CS ☆3 ☆7 ☆9 ☆10 ☆10 ☆7 ☆9 ☆10 ☆10
DDR S+ 6 9 12 14 - - - - -



Healing-D-Vision Expert PFC DDR X2 AC

Healing-D-Vision ESP (post-DDR X)


DDR SuperNOVA - Healing-D-Vision (Challenge)

Healing-D-Vision CSP (pre-DDR X)


【DDR X2】Healing-D-Vision (Challenge)

Healing-D-Vision CSP (post-DDR X)