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Izam is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Izam debuted in Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX. He is Ni-Na's fiance and Rage's prominent rival until Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection.

Games in order of appearance:[]

Design and Conception[]

Here is the concept of his character:

He begins to dance long enough to beat Rage in a dance contest and other times, both he and Rage are fighting each other like cats and dogs with just small things and he only seems not to take off his hat in public.

---Special 4thMIX

Character and Personality[]

Izam is described as a brash and quick tempered man who is full of determination. He has a strong hatred to Rage because of his horrible temper and fights him like cats and dogs when they fight over just small things. He is also being prone to others when he personally mocks the dancers (This might be the reason why he and Rage are hating each other due to his mockery). He also loves to collect hats from all around the globe as part of his collection and for unknown reasons he does not take off his hat for most of the game series.

Izam portrays as Ni-Na's fiance and a street dancer who is determined to beat Rage in a dance contest.


Like Rage, Izam has shoulder length brown hair which has a distinctive dreadlocks downward, brown eyes and a slight goatee. He wears a red short sleeved baggy shirt with rainbow lines in the center of his shirt and sleeves over a long sleeved black undershirt, baggy tan capris, and brown sneakers. He is always wearing his signature rainbow hat on his head.


DDR Ultramix 3:[]

  • "Wass'up. My name's Izam. Y'like want to leave things up to me?" (When you first approach Izam).
  • "Wass'up. It's me, Izam, remember? So now y'want to leave things to me?" (If you said no earlier if you wanted Izam to join you).
    • "Oh yeah. You won't be sorry." (If you said yes if Izam wanted to join you).


  • Izam slightly resembles Heat, the main protagonist of both Square Enix hybrid music and fighting game Bust A Groove and Bust A Groove 2.
  • Unlike other male characters who are smiling, Izam appears to smile angrily.
  • He and Ni-Na are replaced by both J.C. and Sa-Ja in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2 after their last appearance since Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection.
  • According to his profile in Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX, When Izam speaks in English, he speaks in a Utah accent. 
  • Due to his hatred with Rage, Izam makes him as his prominent rival throughout the series until his last appearance in Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection. In DDRMAX during most of the background videos in every songs, he and Rage are performing a cartwheel stand but not looking at each other after they performed it.
  • Izam is the only DDR character to personally mock the dancers including his rival, Rage.
  • He along with J.C. and Rhythm are the only characters to dislike Rage due to his horrible temper.
  • In Dance Dance Revolution: HOTTEST PARTY 4, Root's overall appearance bears a striking resemblance to Izam but without the goatee.



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