Janet Lyze
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June 16


27 (DDR 2ndMIX- Party Collection)





Blood Type



Kingston, Jamaica

Favorite Things

Collecting cosmetics, Bathing


Cold Places


Long Distance Swimming, Dancing

Janet Lyze is Dread-Snake's partner and Tracy's cousin who debuts in Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX until Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection.

Backstory Edit

A super model in the fashion industry. Recently she's supervising the release of her fragrance, as her line of cosmetics have become a global craze! But she will soon leave her place, as she, believe it or not, dreams of opening a petit hotel in a Jamaican resort.

Character and PersonalityEdit

Likewise, Janet is described as being calm and collected as is known for her in collecting cosmetics. This is the reason why her own cosmetics became super popular on the globe. She is also close to her cousin Tracy as seen in their background video Secret Rendezvous.

Janet is initally portrayed as a super model of the fashion industry and later being a supervisor of her line of cosmetics.

Appearance Edit

Janet is a female Jamaican native with long brown hair, tanned skin, and brown eyes.


Trivia Edit

  • She was later replaced by Bass after her last appearance in Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection.
  • She and her cousin Tracy share the same dislike of Cold Places and their hobbies of Long Distance Swimming.
  • She and her cousin Tracy are seen in the background video Secret Rendezvous. But at the promotional poster of DDRMAX2, she was seen with Tracy and Lorraine.
  • She is partnered with Dread-Snake through both Dance Dance Revolution 2ndMIX until 3rdMIX. But in Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX she was partnered with Disco.
    • She was later partnered with Dread-Snake again in the remake version of 2ndMIX in DDR X3 VS 2ndMIX.
  • She appears in the background videos in DDRMAX in her 5thMIX outfit.
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