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Jennifer "Jenny" Hurley (ジェニー jenī) is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Jenny was first introduced in Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX alongside with her twin brother Johnny until Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE.

Games in order of appearance:[]


Jenny is a model who's getting her first big break. She's got the perfect body, and now she's been cast in a new action movie. In her spare time, she likes to ride around on her motorcycle. She's also got a bratty younger twin brother, Johnny. Really wanting to break into movies, she recently passed her first movie audition.

Her screen debut is promised to be next year! The movie is directed by a famous director, whose specialty is action films imbued with a heightened sense of fun.

We can't wait to see her on the silver screen!!

Design and Conception[]

Here is what the designers have to say:

"Some people said ‘Make her sleeker!’ and some said ‘Give her more curves!’ And this is how she turned out. It’s a pretty good design, we think." - DDR X

Character and Personality[]

Jenny is described as a sporty and confident young model and actress. She is also described as being tomboyish unlike most of the other girls. Her sporty and confident side can be seen in almost everyone's stories when she goes around on her motorcycle, especially with Bonnie. She is shown as confident by outwardly speaking what she thinks most of the time especially when she first meets Zero.

In her DDR 4thMIX bio, Jenny is also described as having a cool personality and being family oriented.

Street Master Mode[]

Jenny’s action thriller reached number one at the box office! Packed with action scenes that showcased Jenny’s awesome dancing power, it scored a hit among old and young, men and women alike.


  • (To Zero) "You're kinda cute."
  • (To herself) "Weird. Why would Disco tell me to dance with as many people as I can on the way?"
  • (To Bonnie) "A bike race? Sounds interesting."
  • (To Louis-CONCENT III) "Sure! Who cares what you are, as long as you've got the dance in you?"


Jenny has medium length blond hair and blue eyes.



  • Jenny has a younger, twin brother John "Johnny" Hurley who was in 4thMIX but for some reason taken out as a playable character in the next games after EXTREME 2/STRIKE.
  • It is implied Jenny has a small crush on Zero after commenting on his looks.
  • Jenny bears a resemblance to Nina Williams from the Tekken fighting game series and Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil survival horror series. Also, Nina can be customized to wear her DDR X outfit (albeit recolored) in Tekken 6.
  • Jenny's SuperNova outfit can be seen on Domi.
  • She and Johnny were created after the request of the Dancing Stage EuroMIX team asking for an European version of Boldo and Tracy to include in the game.[1]
  • In DDR Ultramix 3 when you approach Jenny during Quest Mode, she has brown eyes instead of blue and isn't wearing her silver necklace.
  • In her 4thMIX bio, it is heavily implied that Jenny comes from a big family.[2]





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