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John "Johnny" Hurley (ジョニー, Jonī) is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Johnny is the bratty younger twin brother of Jenny who makes his playable debut in Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX up to Dance Dance Revolution Strike. He is not seen in the latest installments of the game franchise but he was seen teaming up with his older twin sister in her action movie at Jenny's epilogue in DDR X which he works as a stuntsman on her movie and appears as an NPC during DDR Ultramix 3's quest mode.

Games in order of appearance:[]

Design and Conception[]

Here is the conception of his character:

-"Despite appearances, he is actually a high-achieving high school student who is currently on a roll, having skipped a grade and been accepted to a state university! However, he is a little depressed because the grandmother of his precious girlfriend, Lorraine, is vehemently opposed to their relationship."

-----Special Notes in 5thMIX

Character and Personality[]

Johnny is described as the bratty young man with a streak of the ladies' man and the complete opposite to his older twin sister, Jenny. He wants to become a baseball player rather than an actor/actress like his older sister did. He also shares the same hobbies as Rage who also loves to watch movies like Kung-Fu or Martial arts. Johnny is also described as good-natured, friendly, and easy-going. The most thing that he hates is being embarrassed in front of the ladies if other people would humiliate or mocking him. Johnny is also good on bowling and playing pinball are part of his hobbies especially dancing.

In DDR X during Jenny's epilogue, he also shows to aid his older twin sister against her stuntmen who are portrayed as their villains while shooting the action movie with Disco (Afro) as the director of the movie.

Johnny portrays as the younger twin brother of Jenny who acts as a ladies' man. As of DDR X during Jenny's SMM, Johnny is able to pass similar to Jenny's as an actor but as a stuntman to her movies.


Johnny appears with a upper slick back short blonde hair that resembles Elvis' hairstyle, and shares the same blue eyes as his older sister Jenny's. In some official artworks, Johnny is depicted wearing earrings.

In his appearance as a secret character in 3rdMIX and his debut appearance in 4thMIX, He wears a magenta colored short sleeve jacket under a white undershirt, dark blue jeans and leather brown shoes.

In 5thMIX and onwards, he wears a black rider jacket with flame designs on the sleeves and the back of his jacket under a white undershirt, denim pants with light blue folded sleeves and black shoes. In the background videos in DDRMAX during Candy, Johnny is seen wearing his white shirt from his 5thMIX outfit (minus the black jacket) while driving the car along with his girlfriend Lorraine.

In Jenny's Epilogue in DDR X Street Master Mode, Johnny is seen wearing a white leather jacket under a red loose shirt, black pants and dark brown shoes. His outfit resembles Drum's outfit in DDR EXTREME 2/STRIKE.


DDR Ultramix 3:[]

  • "Hey (Player's Name)! My name's Johnny. How's 'bout we go chase your dream together?" (When you first approach Johnny and asks if you want to join him).
  • "Hey (Player's Name)! Have you decided to chase your dream with me?" (If you said no earlier if you wanted Johnny to join you).
    • "OK! The city of lights is waiting for us!" (If you said yes if Johnny wanted to join you).


  • Johnny appears in Riyu Kosaka's Candy alongside with Lorraine who is driving the car together.
  • He shares the same name, hairstyle and mannerisms with Cartoon Network's Johnny Bravo.
  • He also shares the same name with Guilty Gear's Johnny, both are ladies man in their respective series, the only differences is their occupation: Johnny in DDR is a dancer while Johnny from Guilty Gear is a pirate and fighter.
  • In DDR X during his twin sister's epilogue, Johnny's outfit resembles Drum's outfit in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2.
  • He and Akira are the only characters to make a cameo appearance in Yuni and Jenny's epilogue respectively.
  • Johnny was created by designer Kanako "RICE.C" Yonezawa as revealed on the SECRET page of DanceDanceRevolution 4thMIX website.
  • He and Jenny were created after the request of the Dancing Stage EuroMIX team asking for an European version of Boldo and Tracy to include in the game.[1]





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