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Julio (フリオ) is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Julio is a kid first introduced in DDR SuperNOVA2, he is portrayed as a hyperactive kid full of energy from the United States of America who wants to master the art of dance, and more importantly, become a ninja. Later, he travels around town wearing his favorite artist's outfits.

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Design and ConceptionEdit

Character and PersonalityEdit

Julio is a wild, weird, and childish boy who is hyperactive and full of energy all the time. In DDR SuperNOVA2, he has trained extensively in Jiu-Jitsu (a Japanese martial art) and wants to become a ninja. In order to do this, he surfs the Internet extensively and reads magazines every day, researching modern-day ninjas. DDR X2 later portrays Julio as walking around town wearing his favorite outfits.


Julio appears as a young boy with brown hair which is multiple tied in a braid, tan skinned and black eyes.

In his first appearance in SuperNOVA2, he wears a light blue Japanese Jacket under a white undershirt, red pants and sneakers. As JULIO 2, in his alternate appearance, He wears a full black ninja suit under a matching black mesh shirt and a matching black boots. He also wears a matching black bandanna on his head.

In DDR X, Julio now wears a red sleeveless jersey shirt with his name imprinted on his jersey, baggy denim shorts, and white sneakers. He also wears an openly cap while wearing this outfit.

In DDR X2 through DDR 2013, Julio finally wears a black and white V-neck short sleeve shirt with a purple long sleeve shirt underneath with his name imprinted on his shirt, hipster denim pants with a red belt to his waist and orange black sneakers. He now wears a black bandanna with a white design on his head.

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  • Julio's appearance in DDR SuperNOVA 2 resembles Dre Parker from the 2010 movie, "The Karate Kid" which is portrayed by Jaden Smith. Interestingly, Julio is heavily trained in Jiu-Jitsu due to his extensive research about Japan, while Dre is heavily trained in Kung Fu by Han which he was forced to enter the fighting tournament by Li to fight against his student, Cheng.


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