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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see Jun (character).

Jun has various appearances throughout the series.


In DanceDanceRevolution HOTTEST PARTY 2, Jun wears a purple and pink yukata/kimono/geisha dress with white knee-high socks and white and purple sandals. Her long hair is tied up into a bun with a stick to support it. Her dress also has a pink scarf. She also carries a yellow fan with pink details on it. This outfit is also recolored in black with a rose design, pink and white with plaid stripes and red with yellow butterflies. Her fan is also recolored in black, clear and black with red details, respectively. The color of her hair also changes to platinum-blonde for the black recolor, pink for the pink and white recolor and white for the red recolor. The scarf recolors to black for the black and red recolors and white for the pink and white recolors, as well as her socks and sandals changing to completely black for the black recolor, completely white for the pink and white recolor and black with white lace for the red recolor.


In HOTTEST PARTY 3, Jun's hair is now medium in shoulder length with a tiara to support it. She is seen wearing a black and red dress with matching black tights and boots, which is her primary outfit. The color of her fan is now black, and she also wears a necklace with a green amulet.

Jun's first alternate appearance is where she retains her primary outfit which gives her a black and gray dress with open diamond tights. Her hair is also recolored from platinum-blonde to magenta. The fan is also black with magenta details on it, and the color of the amulet on her necklace is recolored to blue.

Her second alternate appearance is still her primary outfit which gives her a pink and black plaid striped dress with pink open diamond tights. Her hair is also gray with pink highlights. She also retains her black fan from her default outfit. Her amulet is now recolored completely black.


In DDR (2010)/HOTTEST PARTY 4, Jun's appearance was changed drastically, and her appearance is similar to the original DDR characters in the current DDR games starting from DDR SuperNOVA until DDR A20. She now wears a white and pink dress with aqua blue roses as well as white knee-high stockings with the same color roses and white shoes with pink ribbons, one on the front and two on the back of the both of them. On the front of her dress is a pink ribbon and on the back are angel wings as well as a pink ribbon below them to secure her dress. She also has long, straight platinum blonde hair in a sideswept bob tied into two pigtails with cyan rose pigtail holders supporting them, as well as some straight hair that players could only see parts of it. The color of her fan is also white.

Jun's alternate appearance is the same outfit in black and purple, with her hair now being silver in color and strongly resembling a fallen angel. She retains both outfits' appearances in DDR II/HOTTEST PARTY 5.