Not to be confused with Junko Karashima, commonly referred to as jun.

General Information Edit

  • Name: Jun Wakita (脇田潤)

Jun Wakita, or wac, is a long-time BEMANI sound data analyzer. Jun's work in BEMANI dates back as far as 1999's beatmania IIDX substream and pop'n music 3, as well as various entries in the beatmania/beatmania III series. From pop'n music 6 through pop'n music Sunny Park, he was the head/co-head sound director of every pop'n music arcade game.

His first song for BEMANI was OVER THE CLOUDS in beatmania IIDX 5th style, and he's made at least one appearance in every beatmania IIDX game since then. He also did up until pop'n music 14 FEVER! most of the anime covers in the pop'n music series. His wide variety of musical styles has made him quite popular.

Jun currently serves as a sound supervisor for the pop'n music series.

Trivia Edit

Aliases Edit

  • wac
  • D.JW
  • DJ.W
  • 八戸亀生羅
  • yu_tokiwa.djw (with vocalist Yu Tokiwa)
  • 少年ラジオ
  • ELE BLOCK (with EeL)
  • virkato
  • SHRINE 418 (collab with Yuei Uematsu)
  • iconoclasm (member of, with Takayuki Ishikawa)
  • 玄武
  • miru_maki.gjw
  • Mr.Saturn
  • LekSak
  • ZERO+ZIBA (with Kosuke Saito)
  • Capital Wage Association
  • 度胸兄弟 / ユニバーサル度胸兄弟 / ダイナミック野球兄弟 / シャイニング度胸兄弟 (with Toshiyuki Kakuta)
  • 少年ゾディアック
  • 楽士ゾディアック
  • CHERRY BLOSSOMS (member of, with Asaki)
  • WALPULG (member of, with Sota Fujimori)
  • Buluka & Nilo
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