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Album art.

Song Information[]

Artist: NAOKI feat.SHANTI

BPM: 150

Composition/Arrangement: NAOKI MAEDA

Lyrics/Vocals: Shanti Snyder

pop'n music Genre: HYPER EUROBEAT (ハイパーユーロビート)

pop'n music Character: Elle [4-2P]

pop'n music Background: WITHOUT YOU AROUND (pop'n music 5)

First Appearance: Dance Maniax 2ndMIX

Other Appearances:

  • Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME
  • Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME JP CS
  • Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 4
  • DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA2 US CS
  • DanceDanceRevolution S+ DDR EXTREME Pack 2
  • DanceDanceRevolution (2010) DDR SuperNOVA2 Greatest Hits Pack
  • DanceDanceRevolution Classroom Edition
  • DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars
  • beatmania THE FINAL / beatmaniaIII THE FINAL
  • pop'n music 10
  • ee'MALL 2nd avenue

Length: 1:44


Leave, I'm not gonna stop you (Stop you...)
But before you go, hurt me so I can forget you

Say it wasn't love, say I was a fool
Anything to tear me apart
Why do you care? Why do you smile?
Why are you holding me now?

Kiss, kiss, kiss
Kissing you one more time before...
You walk out that door
Wishing behind these lips, "Oh baby, please stay" (Please stay)

Letting go of me, looking at the street
Thought I could handle this moment
But your love was good, so, so-so good
And it's too much to lose

Miss, miss, miss
Missing you as you turn around
Walking out that door
My heart is crying out, "Oh baby, don't go" (Don't go)
No, I won't tell you so
Or that I love you, no...
I'm gonna let you go


Remixes/Song Connections[]


  • KISS KISS KISS's Expert charts had a timing fix on DDR X.
  • KISS KISS KISS is the first Sticker Stage 05 unlock of DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars.
  • In DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars, KISS KISS KISS's BPM is wrong. It is displayed as 150-151. However, as of update version 1.0.2, the BPM is again displayed as simply 150.

Official Song Comment[]