Maho Babahara
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November 8


26 (DDR 5thMIX-Party Collection)
27 (DDR SuperNOVA-DDR X)
28 (X2-present)


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Blood Type

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Milan, Italy

Favorite Things

Her husband and her son Baby-lon


Being called a middle-aged woman


Collecting Wigs and Bells

Maho Babahara (馬場原 麻帆 Babahara Maho) is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.

Introduction Edit

Maho is Emi's high school teacher and Baby-Lon's mother. She debuted in Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX until Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection. In DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA and onwards, she was mentioned a few times in Baby-Lon's character profile who dresses her son some fluffy clothes.

Games in order of appearance:


A half-italian, half-japanese mother. A teacher who works in the Technical High School, she's the one who put the magical earmuffs on her super baby dancer, Baby-Lon. She awaits the return of her husband who is a treasure hunter.

Two years later, she is known to dresses her son Baby-Lon some fluffy clothes as she realizes that he can wear any outfit.

Character and PersonalityEdit

Maho appears as a calm and nice woman with a motherly streak. She is also a happy loving mother to her son, Baby-Lon. She also hates calling her a middle-aged woman due to her strict actions as a teacher. In her son's profile in DDR SuperNOVA and onwards, she is known to dresses her son something cute and fluffy as Baby-Lon wears a penguin costume in his alternate appearance in DDR SuperNOVA2 and a rabbit costume in DDR X2.

She portrays as a mother to her son Baby-Lon and also a teacher in Emi's school.


Maho appears to have medium-length green hair with blue sunglasses as her headband and brown eyes. Her outfit is a fuschia pink long-sleeve sweater with thick yellow green lines on the center of her sweater and two cyan lines in both sides. She has thick folden sleeves on her sweater and wears a rainbow scarf, western blue jeans with a brown belt on her waist and a matching pink sneakers and brown soles.


  • In the Gallery Mode in Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX, she has a picture of her checking the student's tests papers while Emi is peeking behind her. It is heavily hinted that she is Emi's high school teacher.
  • Since her debut in 5thMIX and being mentioned in the current DDR games, Maho makes her appearance along with Rage, Emi, Afro, Lady, Akira, Yuni, Baby-Lon, Gus, Dread-Snake, Konsento 01, Oshare Zukin and PiX in the background cover of #Our Memories during the 20th anniversary of the DDR series.


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