Maho Babahara
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November 8


26 (DDR 5thMIX-Party Collection)
27 (DDR SuperNOVA-DDR X)
28 (X2-present)


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Blood Type

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Milan, Italy

Favorite Things

Her husband and her son Baby-lon


Being called a middle-aged woman


Collecting Wigs and Bells

Introduction Edit

Maho Babahara (馬場原 麻帆 Babahara Maho) is Emi's high school teacher and Baby-Lon's mother and one of the characters in the Dance Dance Revolution series. She debuts in Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX until Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection. In DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA and onwards, she was mentioned a few times in Baby-Lon's character profile who dresses her son some fluffy clothes.

Games in order of appearance:Edit

Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX (2001)

DDRMAX (during the background videos) (2001)

Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME (2003)

Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection (2003)

DanceDanceRevolution X2 (mentioned in Baby-Lon's profile) (2010)

DanceDanceRevolution A (During "#Our Memories" background cover) (2016)

Backstory Edit

A half-italian, half-japanese mother. A teacher who works in the Technical High School, she's the one who put the magical earmuffs on her super baby dancer, Baby-Lon. She awaits the return of her husband who is a treasure hunter.

Two years later, she is known to dresses her son Baby-Lon some fluffy clothes as she realizes that he can wear any outfit.

Character and PersonalityEdit

Maho appears as a calm and nice woman with a motherly streak. She is also a happy loving mother to her son, Baby-Lon. She also hates calling her a middle-aged woman due to her strict actions as a teacher. In her son's profile in DDR SuperNOVA and onwards, she is known to dresses her son something cute and fluffy as Baby-Lon wears a penguin costume in his alternate appearance in DDR SuperNOVA2 and a rabbit costume in DDR X2.

She portrays as a mother to her son Baby-Lon and also a teacher in Emi's school.


Maho appears to have medium-length green hair with blue sunglasses as her headband and brown eyes. Her outfit is a fuschia pink long-sleeve sweater with thick yellow green lines on the center of her sweater and two cyan lines in both sides. She has thick folden sleeves on her sweater and wears a rainbow scarf, western blue jeans with a brown belt on her waist and a matching pink sneakers and brown soles.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Gallery Mode in Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX, she has a picture of her checking the student's tests papers while Emi is peeking behind her. It is heavily hinted that she is Emi's high school teacher.
  • Since her debut in 5thMIX and being mentioned in the current DDR games, Maho makes her appearance along with Rage, Emi, Afro, Lady, Akira, Yuni, Baby-Lon, Gus, Dread-Snake, Konsento 01, Oshare Zukin and PiX in the background cover of #Our Memories during the 20th anniversary of the DDR series.

Gallery Edit

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