Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Wiki

General Information[]

  • Name: Mayumi Morinaga (森永真由美)
  • Birthday: September 19, 1981
  • BEMANI Game of Debut: beatmaniaIIDX 18 Resort Anthem
  • First DDR Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX


Mayumi Morinaga is a J-Pop singer whose career started in the late 2000s. She made her BEMANI debut in beatmaniaIIDX 18 Resort Anthem, where she sung Mermaid girl and XANADU OF TWO. She made her first appearance in the DanceDanceRevolution series in 2011's DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX, with COME BACK TO MY HEART and Mermaid girl.

As herself, Mayumi Morinaga is a normal J-Pop singer who is also good in speaking English. As moimoi, her voice becomes child-like. However, as Prim, her voice becomes higher-pitched and more little girl-like. A notable feature of songs under her Prim alias is that after the main chorus, a post-chorus set of lyrics called a "serif" (セリフ) is spoken. Sometimes, the serif is spoken out again at the end. The first known use of this alias in BEMANI was with 恋する☆宇宙戦争!! from beatmaniaIIDX 19 Lincle. Later songs under her Prim alias often have a prefix attached to Prim's name (e.g. 愛は不死鳥の様に has 真紅の薔薇の騎士Prim, which roughly means Crimson Rose's Knight Prim).


  • Mayumi Morinaga
  • moimoi
  • MM
  • Prim (with L.E.D.) - There are variants of this alias:
    • 覚醒ノPrim (for 狂イ咲ケ焔ノ華)
    • 夏色ビキニのPrim (for †渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ†)
    • 真紅の薔薇の騎士Prim (for 愛は不死鳥の様に)
    • ギュ~っとしたい♥Prim (for キャトられ♥恋はモ~モク)
    • 裏マドンナだ!Primちゃん (for フレッフレー♪熱血チアガール)
  • 楓璃夢 - Another variant of the Prim alias (used only for 旋律のドグマ ~Misérables~)
  • 幽閉サテライト / Yuuhei Satellite (member of, as senya)

DanceDanceRevolution Songs[]

Song Artist Game Lyrics Vocals
COME BACK TO MY HEART Another Infinity feat. Mayumi Morinaga DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX
Mermaid girl Cream puff DanceDanceRevolution X3 VS 2ndMIX
ずっとみつめていて (Ryu☆Remix) DJ UTO vs. Starving Trancer feat. Mayumi Morinaga DanceDanceRevolution (2013)
†渚の小悪魔ラヴリィ~レイディオ† 夏色ビキニのPrim DanceDanceRevolution (2013) -