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A Mii is a customizable avatar used on several Nintendo video game consoles. They appear throughout the Dance Dance Revolution series as playable and background characters, notably titles on the Wii system.


Mii characters debuted along with the Wii console in late 2006. They can be created using the Wii's Mii Channel application, and users are able to customize many aspects of their appearance and facial features, such as their height, hairstyle, and eye color. Once created, Miis act as avatars for players in a variety of titles, such as Wii Sports, and as a way of keeping track of individual players' scores. Miis saved onto a console are also capable of appearing as NPCs in games, usually acting as bystanders or spectators. Miis would also see use in a few Nintendo DS games, and later in several games on the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, with the latter two being made using the Mii Maker application preinstalled on the system. Miis would also return on the Nintendo Switch, with color choices and other customizable options greatly expanded on.

In Dance Dance Revolution[]

Games in order of appearance:[]

A list of each Mii outfit and appearance in the series can be found here.

Dance Dance Revolution HOTTEST PARTY 2[]

Mii characters first appear in Dance Dance Revolution HOTTEST PARTY 2 as unlockable playable characters. They are unlocked by beating a single dancer in the Groove Arena Mode, the fourth mission overall. Several body types and outfits can be unlocked by completing several audience requests within the mode. Unlike their appearances in other game franchises, Mii characters are portrayed with human proportions and small heads in the game and its future installments.

Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves[]

DDR Disney Grooves gameplay

Mii characters play a similar role in Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves as unlockable characters for the player. The player must unlock them by completing the first Dance Off challenge within Groove Mode, the game's primary dance mode. Once unlocked, they are able to be customized in many costumes based off of Disney and Dance Dance Revolution characters which are also unlocked within Groove Mode. Because of the cartoonish appearances of Mickey Mouse and several other characters in the game, the Mii characters' body types are sized down and much more faithful to their original games appearance wise.

Dance Dance Revolution HOTTEST PARTY 3[]

DDR HP3 Mii customization

The Mii outfit customization screen prior to selecting a song

Mii characters reappear in Dance Dance Revolution HOTTEST PARTY 3 as playable and background players. Once clearing three songs with a Dance Gauge of at least 75 percent in Tournament Mode, they can be used and set as backup dancers. More costumes and body types can also be unlocked within the mode, including the outfits of Dance Dance Revolution characters featured in the game. Their human proportions also return in this title.

Dance Dance Revolution (2010)[]

Mii Outfit customization screen (DDR 2O1O)

The Mii outfit selection screen

Mii characters once again appear in Dance Dance Revolution, exclusive to the Wii version of the title. The player must earn a certain amount of DDR Points within the game to unlock the character and its outfits.

Dance Dance Revolution II[]

Mii 200 combo

Dance Dance Revolution II marks the Mii characters' most recent appearance in the series. Similar to the game's previous installment, Mii characters and their outfits/body types must be unlocked via earning DDR Points.


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  • Dance Dance Revolution: Disney Grooves is the first Disney game to use Mii characters, they were later utilized heavily in the Disney Magical World series of simulation video games.
  • Mii characters do not appear in Dance Dance Revolution: Winx Club, most likely due to licensing issues.
  • Game reviewers of Dance Dance Revolution HOTTEST PARTY 2 frequently criticized the usage of Mii characters with realistic bodies as dancers, with one sarcastically commenting "it doesn't look disturbing at all".
  • Mii characters are also featured in Pop'n Music Wii, another Bemani video game.


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