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Modifiers are settings that you can change that will affect the way a chart will scroll. Modifiers can do many different things. For example speed modifiers can change the scroll speed of the arrow. Turn modifiers can change the orientation of the arrows of a chart. The modifiers can be accessed on an arcade by holding the center button after selecting a song until a menu shows up. The variety of modifiers has changed as new arcade games are released.

Types of Modifiers[]

Speed Modifiers[]

Main Article: Speed Modifiers

Speed Modifiers change the scroll speed of the arrows in a song.


Main Article: Boost

Also known as "Arrow Move".


Main Article: Appearance

Turn Modifiers[]

Main Article: Turn Modifiers

Turn Modifiers change the orientation of the arrows of a chart.

Dark Modifier[]

Main Article: Dark

Makes the step markers disappear.

Scroll Modifier[]

Main Article: Scroll Modifier

Determines whether the notes flow from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Arrow Modifiers[]

Main Article: Arrow Modifiers

Arrow Modifiers change the color of the arrows (typically based on timing)

Cut Modifiers[]

Main Article: Cut Modifiers

Cut Modifiers reduce the number of notes in a song (based off timing)

Freeze Arrow[]

Main Article: Freeze Arrow

When turned off, all Freeze Arrows become regular arrows.


Main Article: Jump

There are different degrees you can set this to. You can turn them off completely (Jump Off), turn them into single steps (Single), or leave them as is (Double or On).

Step / Difficulty (as of DDR 2013)[]

Step modifiers, known as "Difficulty" in DDR 2013, change the difficulty of a song (Beginner, Basic, Expert...)

Special Arrow Modifiers[]

Main Article: Special Arrow Modifiers

Special Arrow Modifiers change the design of the arrows and the step markers.

Screen Filter[]

Main Article: Screen Filter

The Screen Filter puts a dark screen behind the flow of the notes so the notes are more visible.


Main Article: Risky

Risky will set the life bar to the one used by ENCORE EXTRA STAGE.