Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Wiki

Album art in DDR X2.

Song Information

Artist: 200

BPM: 200

Composition/Arrangement: Naoki Maeda

First Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution Solo BASSMIX / Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX

Length: 1:33



Soundbites include "Sound!", "Electric!", "Feel so good", and "Bring it on down!", as well as several sound bites that don't appear anywhere else (including the robot-like soundbite of "paranoia" that would later appear in PARANOiA Revolution.

Song Connections/Remixes


  • PARANOIA EVOLUTION is listed as being in the Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX folder despite being introduced in DDR Solo BASSMIX.
  • PARANOIA EVOLUTION is the Encore Extra Stage X-Special for DDR 4thMIX, accessible by AAing TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX(X-Special) as the Extra Stage X-Special.
  • PARANOIA EVOLUTION is considered to be the first non-primary boss song in DDR 4th Mix, with TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX surpassing it. This may be due to PARANOIA EVOLUTION appearing in DDR Solo first before 4th mix, as well as TRIP MACHINE CLIMAX being the final song of the hardest 4-song nonstop course, compared to PARANOIA EVOLUTION showing up 2nd.
  • A portion of PARANOIA EVOLUTION's Expert chart is used in PARANOiA Revolution, albeit with different sections for Single and Double (with the latter mirroring it also).