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This article is about the song PARANOiA. For the song series of the same name, see PARANOiA.

Song Information[]

Original Version[]


Album art.


DDR X banner.

Artist: 180

BPM: 180 (169.81-183.67)

Composition/Arrangement: NM SEQUENCE

Video Type: Full

First Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution (1998)

Other Appearances:

Length: 1:39

X-Special Ver.[]

Artist: 180

BPM: 180

Composition/Arrangement: NM SEQUENCE

First Appearance: DanceDanceRevolution X

Length: 1:39


Soundbites include "Sound!", "Feel so good", and "Bring it on down!".

Song Connections/Remixes[]


  • PARANOiA has been considered a staple song of the DanceDanceRevolution series.
  • PARANOiA is considered by many to be a "boss" song in that it was accessible as a special Final Stage song in the original DDR.
  • The Expert and Challenge charts for PARANOiA Revolution borrow from PARANOiA during the 180 BPM section.
    • The Single Basic chart also uses a portion of the middle part of PARANOiA in order of difficulty: Basic, Difficult, and Expert.
  • PARANOiA is the first MISSION Stage 05 unlock on DanceDanceRevolution Dance Wars. These objectives must be completed in order to unlock PARANOiA:
    1. Get 60 combos or more on AFRONOVA on Beginner.
    2. Clear MAX 300 on Basic with a score of 540,000 or higher.
    3. Get a B or better on LOVE THIS FEELIN' on Beginner.
    4. Get a C or better on STILL IN MY HEART on Difficult.
  • In DDR Dance Wars, the BPM is displayed as 180-183 since the BPM is actually not a flat 180, according to the DDR SuperNOVA game data. However, this has since been corrected.
  • A special Challenge chart for PARANOiA, titled PARANOiA(X-Special), can be found on DDR arcade versions starting with DDR X. On DDR X, it is unlocked by getting a AA or better on any song in the DDR 1stMIX folder before the Final Stage. AAing it as an Extra Stage unlocks TRIP MACHINE(X-Special).
  • Post-DDR X, PARANOiA's Double Difficult chart is actually harder than its Double Expert chart (Level 13 vs Level 11). This is likely due to the more difficult pad transitions in the Difficult chart. This is the first song to do this.
  • As mentioned above, PARANOiA's BPM is not a flat 180. There are many little changes throughout the song.
    • Oddly enough, the 8-bit version from Dance Dance Revolution GB actually does run at a constant tempo.
      • However, that constant tempo is actually 175.37 BPM, not 180 BPM.


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