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Not to be confused with WH1TE RO5E by Y&Co.

Song Information[]

Pink Rose (DDR X2)

Album art.

Pink Rose

Pink Rose's banner.

Artist: Kiyommy+Seiya

BPM: 146 (DDR), 116-146 (jubeat)

Composition/Arrangement: Seiya Murai

Lyrics/Vocals: Kiyomi Kumano

pop'n music Genre: HEART (ハート)

pop'n music Character: JUDY [5-2P]


First DDR Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME

Other Appearances:

  • beatmaniaIIDX 12 HAPPY SKY
  • pop'n music 5 CS
  • jubeat saucer

Length: 1:32



本当の 孤独を知らない
まだ淡い花びらに 涙の粒抱えたまま 

ああ 触らないで 暖かなその手は
ねえ 許さないで 傷口を押さえて
微笑んでいる アナタがいる もう帰れないね

堕ちてくときの 甘い香り
繰り返すほどに ひどくなる

抱きしめて 今だけ好きだってフリして
たった一つだけなら 全部全部いらない
Bloomin' like a rose
本当の 孤独も知らない
まだ淡い花びらに 涙の粒抱えたまま


Hontou no kodoku mo shiranai
Mada awai hanabira ni namida no tsubu kakaeta mama ...

Aa, sawaranaide atataka na sono te wa
Watashi no subete kuruwasu
Ne, yurusanaide kizuguchi mo osaete
Hohoende iru anata ga iru mou kaeranai ne

Ochiteku toki no amai kaori
Kurikaesu tabi ni hidoku naru

Dakishimete ima dake suki datte furi shite
Tatta hitotsu dake nara zenbu, zenbu iranai
Bloomin' like a rose
Hontou no kodoku mo shiranai
Mada awai hanabira ni namida no tsubu kakaeta mama ...


Don't cry,
You don't even know what real sadness is,
Like when your tears are carried away by pale flower petals ...

Aa, don't touch me with those warm hands
That make me go completely mad
Hey, don't let my wounds open up again
If you're here and smiling I can't go back

The sweet smell of the flowers from the times I fell
Becomes horrifying as things repeat over and over

Hold me close, and pretend you love me just this once
Even if it's just once, I won't need anything else
Bloomin' like a rose
We don't know real sadness,
Like when your tears are carried away in pale flower petals ...

Song Connections/Remixes[]

  • A long version of Pink Rose appears on the KEYBOARDMANIA 3rdMIX Original SoundTracks and on the KEYBOARDMANIA full-sized collection albums.


  • Parts of the video from Pink Rose's video were used as background visualizations for DDR EXTREME.
  • Even though Pink Rose's background in DDR Extreme did not have the artist written on it, the DDR X2 album art, which is based off of the DDR Extreme background, has the artist written on it.
  • Pink Rose was added to jubeat saucer on January 1, 2013.

Song Production Information[]

beatmania IIDX[]

It's fiiiiiinaaaaalllly in IIDX! Hi, I'm Seiya Murai, the "Seiya" of Kiyommy+Seiya. This song, Pink Rose, made its debut in KEYBOARDMANIA 3rdMIX, then went from pop'n to DDR to IIDX. It's been five years since its 2000 debut, but I hope you can love it all the same. It'd be nice if I could make another song for IIDX next time, like a business card exchange♪

Video Production Information[]

Five years pass, and it makes it into IIDX. KEYBOARDMANIA movies were at a 4:3 aspect ratio, so I had to do some tuning to get it into IIDX. The expansion was pretty straightforward overall, and I was able to add bits of image and speed lines to add to the impression of motion. By the way, if you miss a note, the video gets all noisy, like you're taking damage.