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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see Queen.

Queen has various appearances throughout the series.

Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE[]

In DDR UNIVERSE, for Queen's primary outfit she has a blond afro, wears a sleeveless, backless, silver sparkly party top with tassels, wears two silver bracelets on each wrist, shiny gray pants with pink accents, white nails, and white open toed high heels with her toenails painted white. She wears sunglasses and silver hoop earrings as well.

Dance Dance Revolution UNIVERSE 2[]

In DDR UNIVERSE 2, Queen has changed her hair and the color, now having a medium length, curly pink hair. Her first outfit is the same as her first outfit from UNIVERSE, except she doesn't wear earrings and her bracelets are pink.

Her second outfit is a black and orange open leather jacket with a orange tube top, silver necklace, leather microskirt, and leather boots. She wears sunglasses once again.

Her third outfit she wears a blue denim beanie, sunglasses, a yellow tank top with "Dance Dance Revolution" written on the front, two gold necklaces, blue denim shorts, multi-colored leg warmers, and gray shoes.

Her fourth and final outfit is a black snapback cap with her name written on it, yellow bra, three necklaces, multi-colored bracelets, green cropped jeans, black waist beads, a tattoo on her upper right arm. and pink high-heeled sandals. This is her only outfit where she doesn't wear sunglasses.