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Rainbow example

Rainbow (レインボー), also known as Solo (ソロ), is an arrow option that changes the colors of the notes to the one used in the Dance Dance Revolution Solo series. It was introduced in DDRMAX -Dance Dance Revolution 6thMIX-.

How the Arrows are Colored[]


DDR 2013 south

A song, south, being played with the Rainbow arrows.

4th notes are colored orange, 8th notes blue, and the rest purple or pink. Sometimes, blue and orange may be reused for other note quantizations (12th, 24th, 32nd, 48th, and 64th). This can be an advantage in songs like CHAOS, where the majority of the regular 4th notes land on 32nds or 64ths, but will be treated as regular 4ths/8ths/16ths with the Rainbow option.

It works like this (for 64th notes):

Note Quantization Arrow Color
4th Orange
1/64th Pink
1/32nd Pink
3/64th Pink
1/16th Pink
5/64th Blue
3/32nd Blue
7/64th Blue
1/8th Blue
9/64th Purple
5/32nd Purple
11/64th Purple
3/16th Purple
13/64th Orange
7/32nd Orange
15/64th Orange

It works like this (for 48th notes):

Note Quantization Arrow Color
4th Orange
1/48th Pink
1/24th Pink
1/16th Pink
1/12th Blue
5/48th Blue
8th Blue
7/48th Purple
1/6th Purple
3/16th Purple
5/24th Orange
11/48th Orange

Arcade Series[]

DDR Solo Series[]

Rainbow, then known as Solo, was the only available arrow option.


Solo was made available as an arrow option alongside Vivid and Flat.

DDR SuperNOVA→Present[]

In DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA, it was renamed to its present-day name RAINBOW. It is also one of the fixed EXTRA STAGE options in DDR SuperNOVA, along with x1.5 and Reverse.

CS Releases[]

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