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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see Root.

Root has shoulder-length auburn hair with several braids tied in a ponytail and black eyes. He has a mixture appearance between Rage and Julio and his character appearance is like the characters in HOTTEST PARTY as opposed to the character appearance in the current DDR games.


In DDR HOTTEST PARTY, Root's main outfit is Rage's outfit in DDR SuperNOVA but recolored. He wears a yellow and black jersey jacket with an orange short sleeve loose shirt, dark blue faded hipster jeans with a brown belt around his waist along with a silver buckle and dark brown leather shoes with black laces and a matching black soles. Starting from HOTTEST PARTY through HOTTEST PARTY 3, His outfit can be recolored in either orange, green or teal.


In HOTTEST PARTY 2 to HOTTEST PARTY 3, Root wears an outfit similar to Gus' alternate appearance in DDR SuperNOVA2, wearing a black tank top with a T-Rex and grass design, camouflage pants with a black belt around his waist along with a silver chain at the right side and black leather shoes. He also wears a pair of black gloves to match his outfit. His alternate appearance is the same as his outfit but recolored red with flame designs and his pants became black with flame designs to match up his red tank top and his gloves becoming dark red.


In HOTTEST PARTY 3, Root wears a vest similar to Rage in his appearance in DDR 3rdMIX but mixes with a similar outfit from his appearance in DDR X. He wears a red and blue thermal vest with white linings and different designs, a yellow and red sleeveless undershirt with a design at the center, green hipster cargo jeans with a black belt around his waist while retaining his silver chain from his second outfit and black combat boots. He is also accessorized with silver chain necklace on his neck and a matching silver chain bracelets in each wrists. His alternate appearance is his main outfit as his themal vest became gray and yellow, his sleeveless shirt is red and gray, his cargo jeans is blue and his combat boots being dark brown.


Root has a drastic change since his previous appearance in HOTTEST PARTY and his appearance is similar to the original DDR characters in the current DDR games starting DDR SuperNOVA until DDR A20. He finally cut his shoulder-length hair short and was styled with dishieveled spikes downward and wears a black beanie on his head. He now currently resembles Rage's rival Izam.

He wears a hip-hopper outfit, a white, silver and purple formal jacket with a capri blue baggy shirt with light red flame designs, black baggy trousers and dark gray cargo boots. He also has an elbow band on his right elbow and regains his black gloves from his second outfit in HOTTEST PARTY 2.