Ruby (X2)




February 14


15 (DDR SuperNOVA-DDR X)
16 (DDR X2-present)


5'4" (160cm)


112lbs (51kg)

Blood Type



Dominican Republic

Favorite Things

Coconut juice


Urban noise


Diving, swimming

Ruby is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


She was introduced in DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA.

Games in order of appearance:

Design and ConceptionEdit

Designer comments:

"We tried to give her a cool, dancer-type outfit. The effect is a little different on the 3D model, but Ruby's moves really bring out the cute in her." - DDR X PS2

Character and PersonalityEdit

Raised in the Caribbean, Ruby is right as home among the blue seas and white sands. She loves to go out on boat trips, and she's an expert skin diver, too.


Appearance and OutfitsEdit

Ruby appears with medium length peach blonde hair which is tied in multiple braids with a high ponytail and brown eyes. In DDR X2, her peach blonde hair is now loose.


See: Ruby/Outfits


DDR SuperNOVA/SuperNOVA2Edit

DDR X (Street Master Mode)Edit

Ruby is invited to Disco's party, and flies from her hometown to visit the dancers. She begins her story getting off of a plane, commenting throughout the story about how crowded the city is. As much as she loved to dance with everyone, she mentions she still prefers the sea just before her end scene by the ocean.

"Ruby returned to her house by the sea. It was fun to see everybody at the party, but the sea is where she'll always feel most at home. Maybe next time she'll invite everybody to visit her!"

DDR X2Edit


  • Ruby wears her outfit from DDR X2 in DDR Dance Wars. However, it has been greatly altered. This time, she is wearing shorts.


  • DDR X2 outfit.
  • Water Blossom accessory.
  • X2 20/50 combo cut-in.
  • X2 100 combo cut-in.
  • X2 50%/90% mark cut-in.
  • Ruby's outfit in DDR SuperNOVA.
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