Scott G. Parke "Spike" McCullin
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January 31


25 (DDR 5thMIX- DDR Party Collection)




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Glasgow, Scotland (UK)

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Being called "the monster"
Tight schedules


Pigeon Breeding

Scott G. Parke McCullin also known as Spike is a character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Spike debuted in Dance Dance Revolution 5thMIX. He is the son of the Scottish landowner who works as the club staff in London. He is the second male British character in the series after Dread Snake.

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Design and ConceptionEdit

This is the concept of his character.

"He was born at Glasgow UK and the son of the landowner in his hometown. Having a spiky hair without looking at himself at the mirror being shaved and hates tight schedules. He's easy going and likes to appear as a dangerous person. He lives at London and works at the club but becomes worried that the people would see him at the street calling him "the monster".

-------Special Notes in 5thMIX

Character and PersonalityEdit

Spike is described as a happy go-lucky man with a laid-back attitude and an easy goer who likes to appear as a dangerous person while working as a club staff but also hates tight schedules. He is also became worried when other people would call him "the monster" due to his looks and does not look at the mirror with his shaved head in a style of mohawk.

Spike portrays as the son of the Scottish landowner and lives in London and works as one of the staffs at the club he was currently worked.


Spike is a Scottish man with a signature fuschia pink mohawk and wears sunglasses. He wears a pale white jumpsuit under a yellow undershirt with blue lines in both sides of his jumpsuit. In both sleeves of his jumpsuit it has a United Kingdom flag embedded on the sleeves and the back of his jumpsuit and has blue and white folden sleeves in hands and feet wears golden yellow sneakers.


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