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Stella is a guest character in the Dance Dance Revolution series.


Stella is a guest character that only appeared in Dance Dance Revolution: Winx Club. She originates from the Winx Club series.

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Stella has long blond hair and has brown eyes.

For her first and primary outfit, Stella wears a pink headband, a sleeveless mint green dress with pink stripes and a pink belt with a star and wears pink high heeled sandals with a bow.

For her second outfit, she wears an orange headband, a sleeveless orange button up dress with a yellow belt, a yellow choker with a blue gem, multicolored bracelets on both wrists, sky blue pants, and orange heels with a bow on the back.

For her third and final outfit, she retains her orange headband from her previous outfit, a short sleeved orange frilly dress with a yellow corset, a green tank top underneath, multicolored bracelets, pink knee high socks with orange and green stripes, and yellow lace up flats.



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