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TRIP MACHINE survivor (X2)

Album art.

Song Information[]

Artist: DE-SIRE

BPM: 170 (42.5-170)

Composition/Arrangement: NM SEQUENCE UNLIMITED

First Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME

Other Appearances:

  • Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME CS
  • DanceDanceRevolution X JP CS
  • DanceDanceRevolution S+ EXTREME Pack

Length: 1:35


Soundbites, including "1, 2, 1 2 3 4".

Remixes/Song Connections[]


  • TRIP MACHINE survivor is a special 2nd Stage song in Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME.
    • On the North American PlayStation 2 release of DDR EXTREME, however, it is an Extra Stage song, making it one of the three hidden boss songs, with the others being MAXIMIZER and The legend of MAX.
  • The man in TRIP MACHINE survivor's background and jacket also appears in PARANOIA survivor MAX's beatmaniaIIDX background video.
  • TRIP MACHINE survivor's capitalization is TRIP MACHINE Survivor on the background, banner, and album art. However, its in-game capitalization has a lowercase S.
  • TRIP MACHINE survivor's BPM is displayed as simply 170. However, at the beginning of the song, the BPM is 42.5, making the BPM 42.5-170.
    • This makes TRIP MACHINE survivor the TRIP MACHINE song with the lowest BPM at any point (42.5). However, the slowest constant BPM TRIP MACHINE songs are the original TRIP MACHINE and SP-TRIP MACHINE~JUNGLE MIX~.

Official Song Comment[]