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General Information[]

  • Name: Takayuki Ishikawa (石川貴之)
  • Birthday: June 4, 1975
  • Twitter: @iam_nota_djtaka
  • Likes: The Beatles, Rickenbacker, Europe, Southern islands, beer, sodas (Coke), eating lunch by the Shinkansen (Japanese train line)
  • Dislikes: Tomatoes, insects, tight spaces, rain
  • BEMANI Game of Debut: beatmania 4thMIX
  • First DDR Appearance: Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX


Takayuki Ishikawa, better known as dj TAKA, is a BEMANI artist who is best known as the once head sound director of the beatmaniaIIDX series, working as head sound director from beatmaniaIIDX substream to beatmaniaIIDX 12 HAPPY SKY. He has also composed a song for every installment in the beatmaniaIIDX arcade series except substream. His first DanceDanceRevolution appearance was in DDR 3rdMIX. The majority of his songs in the DDR series are BEMANI crossovers, but he has since done several works for the DDR series, including his first original DDR song Freeway Shuffle (from DDR SuperNOVA2). dj TAKA is also known for some of the most famous songs in all of BEMANI, like Abyss, .59, A, V, and many more.


dj TAKA is currently the sound director of the SOUND VOLTEX series.


  • dj TAKA
  • TAKA
  • Lion MUSASHI
  • D.J.Amuro
  • Risk Junk
  • Risk Junk-G
  • 金獅子 (romanized as Kijinshi)
  • OutPhase (member of, with TaQ)
  • vivi (name of vocalist)
  • ASKA (name of vocalist)
  • Noria (name of vocalist)
  • iconoclasm (member of, with Jun Wakita)
  • flare (name of vocalist)
  • colors (composer for)
  • Lion
  • 怒れる金の獅子
  • ナイア (name of vocalist)
  • 本能寺 尊之
  • 色彩乃夢
  • 板橋ギャング (collaboration with Seiya Murai)
  • dj silverberg
  • dj razzle dazzle


  • Before he moved to Konami, dj TAKA worked as a music composer at Namco (now Namco Bandai Games), where he composed music for games like Soul Edge.
  • dj TAKA, along with current DDR series sound director TAG, is interviewed by Rinon on the Japanese DanceDanceRevolution X2 website.
  • The last couple of seconds of SA.YO.NA.RA. SUPER STAR, showing a shocked dj TAKA, was briefly a popular image on BEMANI forums. It is still a popular image seen among BEMANI players today.


  • V for extreme (dj TAKA)
  • Colors for EXTREME (dj TAKA)
  • Sync (Member of Outphase)
  • Kakumei (djTAKA With Naoki)
  • ♥LOVE2 シュガ→♥ (dj Taka feat. のりあ)
  • Absolute (dj TAKA)
  • A Renaissance (DJ Amuro)
  • AA (DJ Amuro)
  • True Blue (dj TAKA)
  • Happy Wedding (ASKA)
  • dj TAKA feat. DE-SIRE - SP-TRIP MACHINE (for beatmania II)
  • Abyss (dj TAKA)
  • Giudecca (D.J.SETUP)
  • No.13 (TAKA respect for J.S.B.)
  • Snow Storm (dj TAKA)
  • F (DJ Amuro)
  • 冥 (Amuro vs Killer)
  • piral galaxy (D.J.SETUP)
  • Votun Stellarum (Dj TAKA/Wac)
  • Last Dance (dj TAKA)
  • Triple Counter (DJ YOSHITAKA Meets dj TAKA)
  • Blue Rain (dj TAKA & Ryu☆)