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This page is about the appearances and outfits. For the character, see Tracy.

Like Rage, Tracy has a shoulder length brown hair which is spiked upwards and brown eyes.

Dance Dance Revolution 3rdMIX-Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE![]

In her debut appearance in 3rdMIX, she wears a golden yellow long sleeve coat with a matching leopard design collar and a matching tube top underneath it, leopard design mini skirt with mesh stockings and black knee-high boots. She also wears a matching leopard headband on her head.


In her alternate appearance with her own group Dance Factory, she wears an openly white short sleeve button shirt with a different shades of purple polkadotted sleeveless top underneath, blue cycling shorts, white socks and gray sneakers with different shades of purple linings. She also wears a matching different shades of purple polkadotted headband on her head. Her other outfit is the same as her short sleeve button shirt is now pale yellow and her cycling shorts is now purple. When choosing her in her group Dance Factory, her height is lengthen despite her normal height is 5'8".

In Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME 2/STRIKE!, her alternate appearance is her 3rdMIX outfit as the color of her coat is now white and the collar of her coat is light red, her tube top is now pale green as her leopard skirt is now a matching pale green, her mesh stockings are now brown stockings and her knee-high boots are now red.


Dance Dance Revolution 4thMIX-Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3[]

In 4thMIX up to Ultramix 3 she wears a long lime green vest with a white collar, underneath is a rainbow tube top, rainbow mini skirt and a white knee-high laced boots. She now wears a matching rainbow headband on her head and a golden hoop earrings similar to her cousin Janet's.


She can also be seen in the background videos in DDRMAX wearing this outfit. 1227147783710 f

Her outfit is later playable in Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection and it can chose either both her 3rdMIX and 4thMIX outfits.


During the background video Secret Rendezvous alongside her cousin Janet

She is later seen wearing a light green sleeveless shirt which it shows her back to make it backless, golden yellow long skirt and white high heels. Her headband that she wears is now pale yellow and wears the same golden hoop earrings from her 4thMIX outfit.


Tracy with Janet and Lorraine during the promotional poster of DDRMAX2

This outfit is also seen along with Janet and Lorraine in the promotional poster of DDRMAX2.